So far, not too bad

I’m not an expert, as I’m just into my 4th grow. So far, I’ve only tried photos, but I’m curious about autoflowers. Right now, 2 grows harvested, 1 grow 6 weeks into flower, and my new grow 17 days old, all photos. Results so far are averaging about 2.8 oz’s per plant, on my 100 day average from sprout to harvest. I have been using Fox Farm soils and nutrients.
I start my sprouts in FF planting mix, 1 gallon fabric pots. 24/7 lighting 3" above plants using an eight bulb T25 florescent fixture all blue spectrum. At day 15 to 19 I transplant into 3 gallon fabrics with FF Coco Loco. At 3 weeks light nutrients at 600ppm and folier spray w/same. At 25 days I top them. At day 29 I start my 12/12 flower cycle and lollipop them. I do defoliate pretty heavy at the end of the 2nd week of flower. I pretty much follow the FF feeding schedule + cal-mag once per week in flower, and regular 4 week flushes, no nutes last 2 week’s. I’ve switched to HPS lighting at flower time. Ready for harvest at approximately 100 days from sprouting. So far the product has been exceptional, better than anything I’ve bought. Sure has been a fun hobby so far. BTW, I have 2 5x5 tents, and my intention is a harvest every 50 days or so (growing for 3, 2 of which are heavy users). How would auto flowers compare, especially in weight per plant? Any tweaks to my process you would recommend? I’ve been lucky to have a mentor that’s grown for 40 years:-).


What kind in pics. Looking good.

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1st pic is my latest, white widow 1day after transplanting to 3 gal pot
Next pick is a lollipoped, Supercropped Gold Leaf 5 weeks into flower
Last ones are most recent harvest, Blue Dream, son is holding up trimmed Blue Dream bud!

Cool cool gold leaf is awesome I grow a lot of it.

Great grow…wow…looks purdy…happy smoking :bat: :rofl: