So disappointed! Gold Leaf seeds crushed in transit

Hello All, I am new to this forum. I am also a long long time cannabis user and lover. I have been smoking pot for nearly 45 years. Over the years I have grown and successfully harvested about a dozen times. It was illegal to grow where I live until this year. I was so excited to have found Bergman’s. I had never bought any seeds online before so I was a bit apprehensive about doing it. I have a medical marijuana card, but the prices at the dispensaries are crazy expensive. I ordered 20 Super Skunk and 5 Gold Leaf (fem). Unfortunately the package of Gold Leaf (5) were somehow crushed during shipping. Only one seed survived. Remarkably the package of 20 Super Skunk seem intact. I am so bummed! :sob:
Anyway I was wondering if anybody has had this issue with their shipments? And if so, how long would this take to resolve. Also wondering if I should go ahead and germinate the one seemingly good seed from the Gold Leaf pak? Also I would suggest something more ridged than a padded envelope. Anything heavy would easily damage delicate seeds.


Welcome to the forum bro, and sorry about the mishap.

ILGM stands by their goods and I’m sure something positive will come out of this.
Is there any damage to the outter envelope? If so I would take some snapshots and
use that as even more evidence to the cannabis crime that was committed.

There is tons of info here and lots to share. I’m sure in your experience some of us
newer growers could leach some of the knowledge and green wisdom to better our

If I were you bro, I would make a post here to tell them exactly what happened.

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Have a good week my brother.


Welcome to the forum. As stated by PhillyRock stated , contact ILGM about what happened to your seeds, I believe that they will be good for the damaged seeds. I have had seeds that did not germinate and they replaced them. Have faith. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


Welcome to the community That’s a bummer ! @Covertgrower can help with hooking you up to get Seeds replaced .


I had issues with my second order and I contacted ILGM through their email. They corrected the issue. Have faith in ILGM I’m sure they will make it right.


Thanks everyone for your reassurance. ILGM has already responded to my email. I am so impressed with their response and their communication. First class operation! Their customer support has been very impressive.


I’m glad support is on it! Happy growing. (Eventually)