So close you can almost taste it

My first grow using LEDs and the girls are nearing the finish line.
7.5 weeks in

White Widow on the right
Power Plant on the left
Jack Herer in the back

The cooler night time temps really brought out the colors in these three…
Happy growing


That PowerPlant got insanely dark! But the towering Jackie in the back has me DROOLING!

We need scratch and sniff cellphones!!!


I bet when you stick your face in that tent you CAN taste it! Looks great!!


rips the boof harder than two midgets in backseat ‘rasslin

@PurpNGold74 :eye::lips::eye:

Lol just hear me out. Someone can probably explain this but has anyone ever felt the need to sneeze but it just wouldn’t happen until you looked at something bright? Well imagine an app that hit you with different light range frequencies and that in some crazy brain sciency way have you a hint of what it is you’re lookin at on the screen.

This is something I’ve thought about since the first iPhone came out and everyone lost their minds with the apps that were just lighters, matches, gun shots back in the mid 2000s, that was long before I started smoking the gigglebush but I’m just sayin…it’ll be a thing, one day we will be able to smell through our phones, and I am cannot fathom the joy I am going to have just full sendin a steamer through the air waves to my future grandchildren


Dude I remember these days very well. Like really… ur phone goes boom boom boom? Wasnt the most fascinating :poop: ever but it had me amazed… what a young dumbass haha!

Now pass me the dutchie my friend


Passes dutchie ‘pon the left hand side

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The colors are truly beautiful :heart_eyes:
What were the night time temps?

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Beautiful. I’m growing a ww auto and a Jack Herer and would be happy with half the color

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HI Alexa,
The temp in my grow area is 60 degrees when lights are off. She started showing color when I switched to flowering schedule.

Never seen a plant go so purple before.


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Thanks for the reply I’ve heard of good things happening in cool night air, but don’t always hear the about the temps. So pretty, bet it taste as good as it looks! :hugs:

I don’t yet know how she tastes. She was cut down this morning and is hanging upside down to dry before curing. I speculate that she will taste amazing.

She was grown organically under a SF-4000. I was able to keep the light a few inches from the canopy which created very compact growth. Light on temps up to 82 and 60 at lights out.
Normally this strain likes it warmer and has more of an earthy smell. The environment I grew her in must have brought out a different side of the genetics.
She has a very powerful sweet fruity smell that is quite unique. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Happy growing.

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