So close. How much longer?

Ok I’m thinking 1-2 weeks to go. Bubblegum, almost 4 weeks of flower, I mean almost 6 on a 12/12 cycle. First pistils are starting to turn brown. Some trichs are still clear. I don’t see any amber just yet.

If I understand correctly I should wait for the pistils to brown, trichs to be misty cloudy with a bit of amber right?

A this point should I stop the nutes and switch to plain distilled water so it can flush?


Good Morning @Quacksy! How long has she been in flower. You have a lot of white hairs yet. I’m going to say you have several weeks to go yet. JMHO. HAPPY GROWING :blush::v:



What @Newt said! You’ll see pistils go rusty, then some amber trichomes on leaves. That does not count! Amber just starting to appear on the BUDS is when you have max potency. From then on its body relaxation as opposed to head high. Looks as though you have weeks to go, unless you want the kind of high that makes you want to clean you entire house looking over your shoulder! :face_with_peeking_eye:


I would guess closer to 3 weeks personally


That’s great, I want to see these guys fatten up.

I’ll post updates here. Appreciate it if you guys keep the feedback coming. My first grow, so far not a catastrophe.


Nice job so far. Get a loupe or digital microscope to watch the trichomes.

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Do keep the pics updated.

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Nice job! Healthy looking plant!

Good looking buds, but probably a month or so to go.

I will. Really want to time it right.

Thanks. I do have a touch of nute burn, but I think I got it under control.

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@Quacksy brither they still have 6 more weeks to finish , do not chop yet , you only been in bloom one week maybe 2 , and you have at least 6 more to go .

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They’ll be this color when done


Omg those look amazing. If mine look anything like that I’ll be ecstatic.

They will be patient


Six more!!! Is bubblegum that slow?

Just wanted to share an update. Looking good. Pistils are browning and triches are mostly cloudy. I think the amber triches will be the only way I’ll be sure it’s time.

I’ve noticed with a microscope it looks to have more clear than the camera but when I try to take a pic it’s just blurry. How do you all keep your hands so steady?


Wait till all the pistils turn orange before even checking trichs

That is a sexy looking bud :heart_eyes: