Snowed in, in South Carolina 7"

Well, we are not going anywhere for a couple days. Hoping like hell that Electric stays on.

How about Y’all? I betcha we have a lot of cold friends up and down the East today.


Im in northern Mn,its been crazy cold up here,37 degrees below 0

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Had the furnace go out on Monday when it was -7F. That was fun.

Makes for a long night

That winter storm has the whole east coast on chill!!! @latewood stay warm and safe!!

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Today at noon.

from my studio door.

I have a couple night time videos. BRB


Hang in there Latewood, you know how Mother Nature is. I’m in Texas. We had snow last week with temps in the teens. Tomorrow will be the same without the sleet and snow. My rooms are regulated by outside air so when it starts to warm up, I will have to start all over again and change my timers to best fit the air temperature. Sounds corny but you could catch up on some reading while you’re snowed in?


@latewood Holy s*** that poor riding lawn mower! :rofl: the earths poles are shifting! Lmfao jk we always get a storm like this every year, just has not been this bad in decades!

@Flyr I’m in the north east, we’re seeing negative temps for weeks now

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We’ve been in a hell of a cold spell here in MA. Snow and wind will be here in a few hours. Snow blowers ready. Hope I don’t need the generator.

A video around 8 pm

@Flyr I am legally blind, so I am not much on enjoying a good book. Might catch a movie on KODI though :slight_smile:


Im just waiting right now except fir the cold its still dry
We may dodge this storm
We are right on the snow line
But we have record breaking cold temp and wind on back side forcast
I have genset ready to go just incase of powee outages
Hope everyone stays warm and dry
Crazy it was warmer in Alaska yesterday then it was in Jacksonville Florida
Pecae all CB


Unreal @latewood hang in there and stay dry and warm!!

I am bracing for blizzard conditions and up to 14" of the white stuff.

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That’s right @latewood it is crazy hasn’t snowed like this since '89 .
I’m not a Lil turd no more but I still played like a kid :nerd_face:
Glad it don’t do this crap all the time!!

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Just started up here



We got about a inch or so in NYC but storm is just ramping up
And i am going to get hit at the house storm track has shifted enough that im now in the 4-8 inch range :frowning:
Was happier with the forecast last night lol
Stay warm all of you down south i know you guys aren’t used to the cold weather like we are here in the NE


we are finally thawing out down here in AR!

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It started snowing here on the Mass coast about 7:00 and should really get going in about an hour… I’ll post pics of the frozen harbor later

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Oh Man! @latewood. We plan to head to Charleston, SC in the next couple of years to get away from this crap. Mother Nature is dashing my dreams. Be safe.

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I have some books on cds I’d be happy to send you :grimacing:. Both hubby and I also use a kindle with large print if that’s an option for you.


And so it begins…


We are due for 12-18” here.