Snow storm troubles

Once in 10 year Snow storm. 1 of my auto ladies would be ready in about a week shes in the first week of her flush a few others are about 2 to 3 weeks out. They haven’t had light for about 30 hours also been cold 40° ferinheight. What should my next move be??? Help

Also just got word power should be back in another 3 to 8 hours. So probably 33 to 38 hours of total dark.

My next move would be to go to a local pub that has a generator the temperature is your biggest problem light out for a couple days is not a big deal good luck at least your not stuck in your car

I’d personally try to get them somewhere that’s as warm as you can with decent air circulation. Larger room that’s occupied or something of the like on schedule with your lights

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Last February they shut down power to most of Texas for 4 days. My plants were in the dark in sub 40° temps for the 4 days. They were a little wilted when power was restored but bounced back just fine.


I left some purple haze in my garden to see how they did during late fall to winter. I was surprised howu well they did in colder weather. Nights well below 40 with some below freezing. They stayed upright.
If you have access to hot water, you can fill up some gallon milk containers and stick them in the tent.

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Thanks Everyone. Hopefully they will be ok.

They don’t care about the darkness, just don’t let them freeze and get them back to 79f and lights as soon as possible

Hopefully electricity turns back on soon. They still look happy. Its just so cold. We will see

Note to self buy emergency supplies to provide heat, water and power if possible.

What if they didn’t turn your power on for a 4 days? Be prepared the grid is becoming less and less reliable, as are supply chains.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


Very True