Smoothies from trim? Recipe Ideas?


as I always have trouble deciding what to do with the leaves and stems… it just came into my head to grind the leaves (fan and sugar leaves or whatever is there) and make it nice and powdery to add to a smoothie. Which ever they are in detail it will surely have beneficial health effects, I believe.

The thing is … I never made a Smoothie or anything like that in my life. Do you guys have any good recipe ideas? Anything I need to know/consider?

Thanks in Advance

If I ever get anything of this kind done I will let you know how it worked out, maybe you wanna try it yourselves.

Have a good weekend

I just found an article containing a recipe on rqs blog, it is:
A handful of ice cubes

Up to 15g raw cannabis trim, leaves and/or bud (stalks removed)

A few sprigs of parsley (stalks removed)

A generous handful of washed spinach leaves

A large, ripe avocado (remove skin and seed)

A handful of blueberries

A quarter of a cucumber

600ml freshly squeezed apple juice

A good squeeze of lemon juice

A generous pinch of powdered turmeric

A pinch of hemp seed

2 tsp baobab powder

2 tsp powdered green superfood complex
1 tsp coconut oil – if you want to add a buzz to your smoothie, use a [cannabis infused coconut oil!])

but I dont have any of the ingredients needed for that… thats not an option for now :smiley:

Sounds like a great idea, but my idea of a smoothy is like ice cream yogurt, milk. You lost me a spinach, avocado cucumber and turmeric. lol :slight_smile:


You will have to decarb to get any thc effects. But that may taste good in a smoothie.

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This is the whole reason I’m growing! Trying to get a supply for THCA and all the raw goodness of the plant.

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