Smoky Smurf's first grow #1

@Myfriendis410 Just added a pack to each jar. I wonder why the stems weren’t breaking off clean if it is over dried? I was afraid this might happen. Anyways, I will keep a close eye on the humidity. Thanks for the heads up.

That was off one plant? That is an oz. more than I have taken of my autos. Well done.

@beardless Yessir. One plant. I can imagine if my soil had cooperated and I didn’t have the issues with Phosphorous/calcium deficiency, whichever it was, I could have had an even bigger harvest. I am fine with this. It will last me a year and I already gave a buddy two stems. It took me 6 hrs to get off all the sugar leaves. I had a huge pile. LOL

I have a fair amount of trimming in front of me too. 1 late this week and eventually 3 more. Hopefully they will be spread out a little.

Congratulations on making it to the finish ! You’ll enjoy every last bit of your haul knowing you grew it.
:+1: Make sure to tag me in grow #2 :v:

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@beardless The sugar leaves were really dry so they pretty much fell off when I lifted them upward. Not sure if it would have been easier to just trim them with scissors when I harvested the plant.

My fingers were covered in good stuff and I rubbed them together and got balls of clay looking resin. I don’t even know if I dare to smoke it!

It takes time for the fiber to break down and some string is always there. It’s the inner stem material and where it branches into flower. It should break easily and be sticky and a little crumbly. You may want to put two in each jar…

@smokysmurf What did the ‘balls of clay’ smoke like? We know you smoked it.

@Roudy420 LOL! I did. I couldn’t resist. One hit I was coughing my ass off and probably one of the best highs I have ever had. Head to toe high.

Absolutely. Scissor hash. Pure trichomes. You can’t get much better than that. It sounds like it definitely dried for too long. I wet trim primarily for that reason and have three containers. Rough trim with little or no trichomes like remaining fan leaves, stems etc - to the compost. What I call fine trim. Mostly larger sugar leaves and small buds not worth trimming. This goes into ziplocks and into the freezer for bubble bag hash and extracts. What is left gets hung to dry. When dry I prep for jars. I do this over a large metal bowl. Remove buds from stem, and clean up anything I don’t want left of the bud. Again, the good trim goes into the freezer and then collect any trichomes that fall off for the kief jar.

@beardless @Myfriendis410 After 12 hrs with 62% humidity packs the jar that was 48% is now at 51% and the jar that was 50% is now 52%. Here are a couple of questions, should I burp ONCE every 24 hrs so as to not introduce dry air back into the jar more often than necessary? Would it help to run a humidifier in the room so that when I do burp it will be exchanging more humid air?

I am still confused as to why my weed got over dried. I was bending the stems every day and they were creasing but not snapping. With it being as dry as it is, will it cure at all or is it as good as it is going to get?

@Myfriendis410 suggested I might need 2 Boveda packs in each jar. Does placement of the packs within the jar make any difference. Should I try to get one down toward the bottom of the jar? Right now the one that is in each jar is laying across the top of the bud.

Patience. The Boveda packs have to replace the moisture inside the bud as well. This may take a while.
As to whether to continue burping or not. Two main reasons you burp. Burping is to exchange fresh air for moisture and Co2 filled air in the jar. In your case moisture is not the issue. Very little fear of mold. I suspect that Co2 generation is also lower because of how dry the buds are. I would think less frequent burping is still in order. Maybe 1/day or every 2nd day for a short period just to purge any Co2 that may be in the jar.
My wife actually prefers lower RH. She sets the buds out to dry a little more.

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@beardless When I was cleaning the bud I cut most of the stems where there was a junction to make “smaller” buds. When I got to the main cola I left some of the larger buds alone. Does this make any difference in curing? Keeps more moisture when bigger, more chance of mold when bigger, etc.

If the large ones feel firm and the sugar leaves break up if you squeeze the bud, you should have no risk of mold. When I jar them up, I separate the larger ones in there of own jar. The smaller ones will cure at different rates than large ones.
I liked this video. straight forward explanations. Used touch a lot in his explanations.

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@beardless Those videos are great. Thanks. My jars are up to 52 and 53% RH right now. I just tried squeezing a few of the small pieces of bud that I left out on a piece of paper and they aren’t crumbling or disintegrating. They actually feel a little spongy. If I hadn’t calibrated my hygrometers I would think they are inaccurate. The buds don’t seem over dried but the hygrometers say so.

Do you think removing almost all of the sugar leaves before jarring is causing the low RH readings?

For the jars I buy the really cheap ones on amazon 10 or 12 for $20+ . Knowing that a couple will be wack. Last set of 12 I tossed 2 because they were so far off from the others.
I am glad the buds aren’t as dry as you thought.
It was quite awhile ago that I watched his videos. It must have be the 3rd one where he goes through the dry and cure. I think he gave me a good feel as to how the stems should bend and also the feel of the bud. Anyway glad you found them helpful.

@beardless who were you replying to about the glass jars? LOL.

I opened up my jars to burp them and they smelled pretty good. I took one medium sized bud out and squeezed it and they definitely aren’t brittle. It was pretty spongy. The RH is up to 54% in one of the jars. I think I’m going to end up ok with the curing process. I noticed the hygrometer didn’t drop at all while I was burping them. I know they are responsive from monitoring them during the grow.

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I think he was saying that for the jars he buys really cheap hygrometers and puts them inside the jars with the buds.

Something like this… Mini Hygrometers

@Roudy420 @beardless I like the Caliber IV hygrometers because you can calibrate them. The first one I bought was spot on when I put it in the Boveda Calibration kit. The next two I bought were both reading 2 to 3% low.

gets a little pricey to put them in 6+ quart jars.