Smoky Smurf's first grow #1

no, kinda a sweet smell

@Royc Yes, I noticed the smell transitioned from weed to more of a coffee smell. As I cut off small samples to look at under the scope I let them dry on a piece of paper and smoke them the next day. There is no odor from the weed or the smoke. Weird. Definitely getting a good buzz though.

@beardless @MrPeat @Royc @Watt-Sun @Myfriendis410

I cut down the plant today. It sat in the dark for about 60 hours. Check out these cool trichome pics. I think the timing was perfect as I can see amber trichomes really starting to show up. I currently have my humidity up to 45% and the temp is around 74. I am trying to get it to 50% RH and a little cooler for the drying process.

When bending stems to see if they snap indicating the buds are dry should I be bending the little stems that branch off from the main stems or the main stems themselves? Or does it matter.

I will let you guys know how much my harvest was after drying. I ended up with nine stems total. Some are bud top to bottom and two are just little ones about 6" long.


I bend both but usually go by the thicker stalks. Looks like you chopped at a perfect time. Exactly how I like it :drooling_face:

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Congrats. I’m particular to trichome pictures too. Timing wise, looks like you are right on target. Well done.

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@beardless @Watt-Sun @Royc At what stage in the drying/curing process does the weed smell come back? The fresh grass/hay smell is getting less (day 4 of drying) but there is no weed aroma. I plucked off a very small bud and broke it up and my hands smelled faintly like cookies. I guess that is a good sign since it is a girl scout cookies plant.

It should return after a good few weeks of curing. My room smells like a barn for a good week or so if drying but the dank comes back after 3-4 weeks in jars

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@Watt-Sun Thanks, good to know. I am getting high as a kite smoking little pieces that I am drying for 24 hours on a piece of paper. I can’t even imagine after a few weeks of curing.

I have a buddy coming to visit in two days and I want to give him a little bit of my bud. It most likely won’t be done drying by then. I am giving him a mason jar to cure it in but what should I put it in to finish drying? He doesn’t have a temp/humidity controlled area like I do. Paper bag until the stems snap?

Yeah a paper bag or cardboard box would work in a pinch until she’s good and dry

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Just cracked a jar amnesia haze that was sealed up 5/12. Like the song says


@beardless Thanks Beardless. I watched the whole song. I forgot how cool that song is.

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far freaken out, man

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Hey @beardless I am at 8 full days of drying right now. The stems are making that snapping sound when I bend them but they aren’t breaking off clean. I have maintained 47 to51% humidity and around 71 to 74 degrees the whole time. Not ready to jar yet, right?

I would think if it snaps it is plenty dry and ready for jars. How does the bud feel? I would jar it, monitor the humidity using mini hygrometers. If the RH is much above 62% leave the lid off for a few minutes. Then seal it up again, and keep checking. They need to be burped / opened frequently at the start of cure anyway.

@beardless The buds have felt dry to the touch since I first hung them. It’s hard to tell dry from wet by touch since I left the sugar leaves on and they are all dried up so really all I am feeling is the leaves. The stems aren’t snapping clean off. They are leaving behind the stringy stuff which supposedly means they aren’t quite dry enough yet. I have a couple of the Caliber IV hygrometers so once I jar I will be keeping a close eye on the RH. I don’t want to jar too early but I don’t want to overdry my buds either.

Personally I would rather jar them with higher RH than lower. Reason is, you can always dry them more by opening the jars or spreading them out. For me, if the stem bends sharply, like 90 degrees, I think it is ready. If it bends more like a al dente spaghetti noodle, it needs more drying time.

@beardless I think I will put a couple of buds from one stem in a jar tomorrow and see what the RH is. How long does it usually take for the RH in the jar to stabilize?

They have definitely been bending 90 degrees.

I also have some of the Boveda 62% packs so if I did let it get too dry hopefully these will help. I am not putting them in unless the RH is low though.

A couple of days. Generally the period it is recommended to burp frequently.

@beardless @Royc @Watt-Sun @MrPeat @Myfriendis410 I went ahead and jarred today. This morning when I was doing my stem check it broke off pretty clean, just a little bit of stringyness.

Dried and cleaned I ended up with about 4.7 oz. I’m very happy with that. I say about because I gave a buddy two of my smaller stems and with the complete stems and sugar leaves they weighed a total of 1/2 oz. While I was picking off sugar leaves a fair number of little pieces of bud fell off. I didn’t even weigh that stuff but it looks like about 1/4 oz.

One of the buds on my main cola had 2 large resin beads on the bud. I shit you not. It looked like the trichomes got huge and exploded. Not sure what the deal is but it is pretty cool.

I have been keeping an eye on the humidity in my jars. I only have two Caliber IV hygrometers and I ended up using 5 mason jars. The first jar is at 50% and the second one is at 48%. They are both calibrated with Boveda calibration kit and spot on. I would imagine it takes a while for the moisture to increase. Beardless says it takes a couple of days. When should I worry that the RH is too low and add a Boveda 62% pack?

I did not put any of the small, loose pieces of bud in the mason jars. I filled a pill bottle and have the rest on a piece of paper. It won’t last long anyways. LOL. I assume the bud in the pill bottle is still “curing” as such. I will be opening it everyday. Is this what you guys do or do you throw the loose stuff in with the buds in the curing jars?

Bud is starting to smell good now. Thanks for all the help guys!


Your flower is already below optimal so I’d put this in yesterday lol.