Smoky Smurf's first grow #1

I would be inclined to just water and let the plant consume what ever nutrients are available.

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OK now I recall. Nice pics and good looking girl scout

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I agree with @MrPeat you got at least 2 weeks. My last grow went almost 11 weeks in flower before the trichs were just right.


I don’t know what the purple is but I had it on my leaves before harvest. it looks wild.


@Royc I googled it and see some other people have had purple trichomes but there was no consensus on whether it was truly purple trichomes or just the light reflecting the purple discoloration in the leaves into the trichomes.

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@beardless @MrPeat @Watt-Sun @Royc Hey guys, I am now at 10 weeks of flowering and definitely getting impatient. The product page for GSC auto says ready to harvest in 7 to 9 weeks. I assume that meant from seedling to harvest. I started this grow on April 6th.

I have been checking small samples under my microscope to look for trichomes turning amber. I have started cutting off slightly larger samples and after looking at them under the scope I set them on a piece of paper and let them dry for 24 hrs and smoke them. Definitely getting high but it is harsh on my throat. At this point if I am getting a good buzz off bud that isn’t 100% ready, isn’t dried properly and hasn’t been cured I can imagine that if I harvested now and went through the drying/curing process I would have some really good smoke.

Here are a couple of things to consider: My plant is almost all bud and very few leaves left and the ones that are there are mostly brown. Do the buds continue to mature even if the plant is essentially dying/dead?

I have read it is possible to have a marijuana plant where the trichomes do NOT turn amber. I am concerned as a first time grower that my plant is ready to harvest and I am not realizing it. On the flip side I am seeing the 2nd or 3rd round of new pistils and some are still white. The majority of the plant including the very lowest buds are mostly brown pistils. Quite a few of them are still sticking out fairly straight. I believe they are supposed to be curled in tightly.

I definitely do not see any dark colored trichomes except for the ones like in my last set of pictures that have this purplish tint. I think it is just the light reflecting off the leaves. I have some leaves that are almost completely purple.

Advice based on this information? Thanks.

You can’t go by the Breeders time frame. That is for perfect conditions. I usually add 2 more weeks to what they say. :+1:

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Agree with @MrPeat I run my widows at least 2 weeks past the breeder suggestions. You have any pics you can put up ?

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@Watt-Sun @MrPeat Here is a pic of the full plant. You can see how it has progressed over the past two weeks since my last set of pictures. The trichomes look about the same with quite a few cloudy and some that are noticably still clear. Also I have been watering with plain water for over 2 weeks now. My runoff TDS was 375 yesterday.

This is the 2 week ago pic.


She is definitely hitting all the nutrients from the leaves. :+1:

She is on the last leg. If it were me, a little drink, let let dry for 3-4 days, 48-72 hrs of dark, harvest next Friday or Saturday. Well done. By then nutes should be used up and leaves consumed.

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Unbelievable they look GREAT

@Royc Thanks man. I don’t think you were able to post pics at the time of your harvest. Did your GSC plant look similar at 10 weeks of flowering?

@beardless I agree. I don’t think I want to let it go much more than another week. Letting it sit in the dark is supposed to make it drier at harvest right? The pot is usually bone dry every 4 days.

Darkness is supposed to help set trichs

@beardless I looked at a few more samples under the microscope this morning. I believe I am seeing a total of 2 amber trichomes on the samples from the main cola. None on the bottom buds. I watered Friday. My next regular watering would be Tuesday. I think I am going to skip the Tuesday water as that would be 4 days of drying up. Then let the plant sit in the dark Wed, Thursday and Friday and Harvest Saturday morning.

I don’t want the plant sitting in the dark with wet soil, correct?

I have room darkening curtains and have to leave the closet door open for ventilation. My fan controller has white LED’s and my wireless router has a strip of white LED’s as well. How dark does it need to be? Pitch black? Can I check in on the plant periodically or will that defeat the purpose of it sitting in the dark? Thanks.

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I don’t know if it matters. I suppose proponents would say is adds / slows drying time. I guess I let mine dry out, that is skip the last water before a couple days of dark.

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@beardless Sounds like I have a plan. Thanks for all your help throughout my first grow.

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@Royc You grew a GSC, @beardless Have you ever grown a GSC? When my plant was first flowering it stunk like a big dog, now there is hardly any odor. Is this normal?

Negative re growing GSC but my favorite is peanut-butter sandwich.