SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


Wow, I’ve been gone over a month and STILL no word from SmoknGranny? Anyone heard from her? I figured she’d be back by now. Praying she’s ok!!


She’s doing ok, has a lot on her plate but working through all of it. I will make sure to tell her you said hello.


Same here @dbrn32, haven’t seen @SmoknGranny, tell her she’s missed please, by all


Will do! I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear as well.


Give her Hugs from me too :green_heart:


You bet!..


Hi folks :hugs: As @dbrn32 said, I’m having a lot of stuff going on which I’m trying to work on presently, mostly family matters. Please know I think of all of you daily and that I miss being here. Things are going to be a little chaotic for a few more months but I will try to find a little time (like today :blush: ) & check in a little more frequently.
Currently I am planning on “trying” an indoor tent grow after the first of the year :crossed_fingers: as I have slowly been saving up & buying supplies for my next Sneaky Garden. Right now, if things go as planned, growing outdoor this next spring may have to be put on hold IF I can get some much needed outside home repairs done. Being in a backwards state it is best to stay as discreet as possible :grin:
Hugs to everyone :hugs: :heart:


You take care @SmoknGranny, we will be here when your back up and running, God bless


Glad to see you, even if it’s just for a quickie. Hope everything gets better soon.


Glad to hear you’re doing ok! Wish prohibition would fall cuz then we could send ya stuff to get you started up again! Take care!


Good to hear from you @SmoknGranny! Hope to hear from you soon!


Well folks I think it’s time to shut this topic down and get ready for the 2019 Sneaky Garden.
Like many others I had some ups and downs this past year but I sure learned an awful lot!!! AND I’m thrilled with the end results despite the hurdles thrown out by Mother Nature, my physical limitations and screwing up my super soil mix, and finding out that I had mushroom :mushroom: hunters trespassing on my property :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (sure hope they like the barbed wire spider webs they’ll encounter this coming Spring!!!)
Despite all of the above I ended up with some awfully nice Blueberry and whatever the heck my MissToree seed was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , as well as what the clone from Sassy (SSH?) produced. Sadly I had to harvest the Afghan a bit early (dang bud rot) but even that isn’t too bad. And of course, with all the wild hemp here every plant ended up with a few seeds, even the autos. As I enjoy experimenting I am going to plant a couple of the BBA crosses just for fun.
Okay. There’s only so much a person can do dealing with Mother Nature and the curve balls she throws but one can make a few adjustments and keep on keeping on :+1: I also found that some locations for growing are better than others.
I’ll most definitely continue using Super Soil even though I made my first batch waaayyy too weak. (NOTE: when a recipe says “large” bag don’t use SUPER large :joy: ) and I will be adding some gypsum to my next batch!
Being a “stealth” grower outdoor does present a few problems especially when you have trespassers :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not only will they encounter a few unpleasant deterrents I hope :crossed_fingers: to catch them at least on video with my trusty trail cam this spring since it’s illegal to shoot the ba$turds!!!
Anyhow, I’m extremely thankful for the support and help I have received this past grow from my ILGM family helping me figure out what the heck I was doing :laughing: and I’m looking forward to the next great adventure.
Now to clear up a few things. My absence here really wasn’t due to my so-so harvest. Over the past few years I have been my hubby’s caretaker. I did pretty well as I had family support. Sadly, ALL of those wonderful people have passed on in just the past 18 months as well as multiple supportive friends and many beloved animals. My heart and soul took a major nose dive :disappointed: and I didn’t want to bring all of you down with my melancholy as EVERYONE has their own ups and downs to deal with.
I’ve also had and will continue to have a few health problems. I lost a good deal of weight (35-40 #’s) but thanks to my last harvest I have slowly been gaining back some pounds and energy. And now that I have health insurance I’ll be able to get a couple of other health issues taken care of :grin:
Even though I have been quiet here on the forum(s), I have been coached & supported by some very special people here to try an indoor grow. By watching sales, robbing Peter constantly and eating a lot of beans :rofl: I have been able to purchase a small tent, fans, etc. Thanks to @dbrn32 I now have a wonderful glowing grow light and hope to make him & others proud with my next adventure. IF things go as planned, I should be dropping at least one seed next month :crossed_fingers: and begin a new Sneaky Garden.
As today is Christmas Eve I want to wish ALL a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Much Love and Hugs :hugs: to each and everyone!


Merry Christmas SG! We all missed you.


@Myfriendis410 I’m going to be back soon. I miss you too :kissing_heart: Thanks for everything MDSF :hugs: Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Great to see you on here young lady! Hopefully you have a great Christmas and You’ll be on here regularly again soon!


A very merry Christmas to you, granny. You’ve been missed.


Merry Christmas @Smokngranny and I look forward to your indoor grows in the future.


Merry Christmas @SmoknGranny enjoy the holidays


Waited an hour to like again. Even set a timer to remember, but an hour later it says I have to wait 36 more mins. Screw all that! I’m callin to send my love & appreciation. Merry Xmas to all you others, though :smirk:


@SmoknGranny, you and I have not really talked much since I have been here (very likely to change in the future) but I have read of your endeavor to grow and also your of your misfortunes, this has endeared you to my heart and your outlook , commitment and perseverance reminds me of someone who I miss dearly (my mother). So THANK YOU SmoknGranny for just being you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, The Holmes family

          PS you can shoot them if you say you felt threatened and maybe put a weapon in their hand before anybody gets there. HUH?