SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


Hope all is well with @SmoknGranny, haven’t seen her here in a bit!


Thanks for the tip :hugs: I’m going to bookmark this & get back to you later. Most importantly, I look forward to reading your topic when I get back here regularly :blush:


hello sweet granny! we :hearts:you


I’m so thankful for all of you for your caring about me :hugs: :heart: :hugs:
I just want to give you all a quick update. Between animals (Toby is doing much better), winter prep (down to 35 tonight), my phone :iphone: going swimming :rage:, and packing up my craft supplies I have been pretty busy. Still have a few things to finish up before I get back into my forum reading. Please hang in here with me for just a bit longer my dear sweet friends.
Love you all! Granny :hugs:


Hi Sweetie :hugs: I :heart: U 2 !!! I’m just here to check in and I will be back in the near future. We’ll catch up soon :kissing_heart:


Good to see you back and hear Toby is doing better!


@dbrn32 :hugs: :heart: Me too! Nothing else is allowed to break. No animals or humans are allowed to get sick or cross the Rainbow Bridge!!! I’m ready for a break :blush: Love you :hugs: :heart:


I’m sure, and it would be well deserved too!


Glad you’re doing better and staying busy! I’m in and out of here myself.- like a binge drinker. Lol. See ya soon!


Again, I have been asked to notify everyone of more sadness. Another death in the family, MIL, passed :rainbow: last night. Unfortunately her long awaited return will have to be further delayed :cry:
:heart: :vulcan_salute:t3: :thought_balloon: :pray: for SmoknGranny and Family @Budbrother


I’m so sorry, @Budbrother. My condolences to you and your family.


sorry for your loss. @SmoknGranny @Budbrother


I’m just passing on messages to her when she calls me. Tag me please. No need to flood her with tags.


So sorry bud. My condolences. Praying for you and your family.




sorry to hear this,positive vibes coming ya’lls way


Aww, man. Please pass on my condolences, as well @Budbrother :cry:


We spoke today and read your posts to her.

“I love everyone! All your thoughts, vibes and prayers have brightened my day. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. Love, Granny”


God, we ask you to shine your loving Grace on SmoknGranny and help her, and her family and loved ones, through this trying time. We know that through you, and your love, all things are possible including an easing of our pain and anguish. Please gather Granny’s MIL in your warm embrace and place your hand on Granny’s heart. She has suffered so much lately and needs your strength. God, we ask for your help for our dear friend, that she may find peace and comfort soon and return to us. We ask all this in your name, Lord God! Amen.


Granny, here’s some bud candy (for when you return) from my recent outdoor harvest. Only 2 small plants left to go.

This one is a Paul’s Chrystal Aurora Auto I let go to 77 days since germination. This is just one of 2 main branches! I’m sure it’s going to have some couch lock but it’ll be great for my wife’s pain-caused insomnia. These seeds, along with all of New420Guy premium (feminized and auto, both) seeds are only $6 each! They’re in California and I got mine in 2 days. I’ve run 3 different strains so far and I like all of them as much as some of my top shelf genetics that are 3-4 times as expensive! I’m not sure what my total weight will be for this plant but it’s not bad for a $6 investment in 2.5 months!

Here’s a ILGM White Widow auto. It’s made some nice buds but none of these seeds produced like my other plants. They were always dwarfish and MANY seed failures. I won’t be buying more of these seeds but I’m darn sure gonna smoke what I got! Figuring in the failures and the dwarfish results, they’re dimefinitely my most EXPENSIVE genetics/flowers, lol! They are fat, though - like baby arm fat. In one spot that too bud is almost 3” thick. I just couldn’t get a good camera angle with the lighter to show it.