SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


I was just looking out the back door, at the potato’s I planted. After the issues I had with the strawberries and ground cherries, I diverted all effort away from growing anything outside. The potatoes are still going strong, but laying on top of the dirt pile. I could stand them up and keep burying them until they flower, but I am just gonna wait and see if it was worth even this much effort.

Planning for next year, and I have blurples to start some maters and peppers this winter :wink:


I use my uncle’s technique on them. I just take clippers and snip them in half right on the vine. That way I don’t have to pull them off while they struggle to stay on.

I used to get them regularly until I moved. Now I’ve only seen one in 7 years of tomatoes. I plant 30-40 plants a year, too. Must be location based.


Their eggs/larvae are in the ground here. This is the first and only home we’ve had this problem.


Well folks I’m done for this season. Last two girls are going under the knife due to bud rot. From being underfed, broiled & drowned they gave their best :worried: Their sacrifice will not be forgotten and the knowledge I have gained will be applied for next spring’s experiments :+1:
New and improved super soil :white_check_mark:
Free supplements of VF11 will be tried on at least one plant :white_check_mark:
More ideas, thoughts and plans to be discussed as they are developed.


So sorry about the outcome but we learn the most from struggle. As you say, you’ve got a renewed arsenal of knowledge for the next round. Thanks for your positivity here.


Some preventative like Armor Si might be some benefit for protecting the overall health of the plant…


Thanks @nostril :hugs: I went in to this season knowing that it would be a learning experience and process. I’m a little disappointed but I’m also thrilled with WHAT I have learned :+1: I know much more about growing on my property and what adjustments I will need for future grows. I’m going to be busy this winter making butter, oils, etc., with what I have salvaged so it’s all good :grin:


Thanks @Myfriendis410 I’ll definitely look into that. I’ll contact GH as to compatibility with the super soil. I’m already planning on adding gypsum in my next soil mix as well. Step by step and inch by inch :blush:


And just for fun :grin:

I want this dog!!!


Can’t help you there. How about a yorkie that shits on the floor regularly?


@SmoknGranny Now that’s FUNNY!


sorry to hear this @SmoknGranny,big huggs for you dear!


Sad :pensive: I wish better results next grow. I’m investing in netting.


Hey @SmoknGranny how goes it? Hope all is well


She asked me to post for her:

She’s been dealing with Spooky’s death, and now her dog Toby is sick. It has been a tough year for her. She doesn’t want anybody to worry; she’ll be back on in a week or so. She sends her love to all of you.

I’ve been keeping her updated on several different topics.


Awesome! Tell her we are thinking of her. My condolences to her over spooky.


hey @Budbrother,thank you for telling us…
we will keep smokingranny in our thoughts and prayers…


Just sent her a screen shot for y’all. She loved it! Also, Thanks for checking in on her Rob.


Good to hear. That stinks about her dogs sorry to hear. Tell her we will be here whenever she is ready.


I haven’t been on ILGM in a while but I always check in on this thread when I come ‘round. Sad to hear about Spooky and Toby, @SmoknGranny! How’s Toby doing? I’ve got 6 dogs so I can relate to the worry when one gets sick. Hope he’s doing better since it’s been what, 13 days, since @Budbrother posted for her. Prayers ^^up^^ for Toby and SmoknGranny!

Hey Granny- I know you’re on a budget so I thought I’d let you know about a couple strains I got from New420Guy Seeds (Just Google them) and are only like $4-$6 per seed and you can buy one seed at a time, if you want! They’re here in the US and I just sent some cash. Anyway, if you go to my “Late Bloomer Mixed Bag” grow journal in this section, you’ll see the Paul’s Super Dense Auto and the Paul’s Chrystal Aurora Auto I’ve been growing. SUPER easy and problem free and they’re producing some great flower in spite of mistakes! Lol. I’ve got some photosensitive plants from their genetics going indoor (I just started and indoor journal in that section here on ILGM) that also look great but I’m not far enough along to recommend them yet. Anyway, given your struggles with the bag seed this year, I thought I should let you in on a cheap option for getting some better genetics. Hope it helps ya and that we’ll see ya back around again soon!