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Happy happy @nostril


Happy Cakeday @nostril I hope it’s been a great Smokn Day for you :hugs:


Okay. It’s been so dang rainy and gloomy here for the last week :confused: and I know others are/have had the same weather. Lots of us have had to deal with bud rot, etc. or maybe have had some “sad” days lately. A friend sent me this on Facebook :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this gets your foot tapping, your head bobbing and makes you smile for the next few minutes. Enjoy :wink:
PS: Kinda scary that I’ve seen all the movies on this video :blush:


Trip down memory lane, My Grand Mother loved them all.
Yes I seen most of them too, Just not Live…LMAO


Helloooooooo! You OK? Ain’t heard from you in a bit.


Lol! That’s awesome! I haven’t seen all those movies but I sure remember a lot of them from rainy weekends as a kid, when there were only 3 channels coming through those rabbit ears and the only color tv was in my folks’ bedroom. Lol! Better times, imo.


More or less. Still sad about Moose. Sad that I screwed my plants up with not mixing up the super soil correctly :worried: and just chopped down the clone today from bud rot & Sassy may get chopped tomorrow. I’m also trying to get outside chores caught up before winter. Lots of other stuff going on and I don’t want to post a bunch of negativity. So I’ve been lurking mostly. Sorry :neutral_face: I didn’t mean to worry you all :hugs:
I’m already planning another experiment in growing as soon as I work out a few things. Details later down the road :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for checking on me :heart:


Glad you’re ok. Sorry things are rough for ya right now. Hopefully it cheers you up that so many think about you all the time! Think how much you learned and how AWE-SOME your next grow is going to be!!




I wasn’t trying to get all 'feels-y" damn :wink: Just wanted to make sure you didn’t fall and couldn’t get up :laughing:


Thanks sweetie. Yep :+1: next spring is going to be much better with ALL that I have learned this year and with what I continue to learn. I’m still amazed at how many folks here really care about me. It’s kinda overwhelming. :hugs:


Once again you bring a smile to me @blackthumbbetty :hugs: Thanks for being my friend :heart:


:rofl: In a way I DID fall and been having a hard time getting back up!!! I even managed to do the Granny two step just the other day on this dang critter munching on my tomatoes


In my apartment I had 5-6 beautiful tomato plants. They were tall enough that my upstairs neighbors could pick their share too. Went away for a weekend, came back, and the entire crop was defoliated. One of the green horn-worms was about 8" long and about as big around as a roll of quarters.


Yep. That sucker and his family had an overnight banquet. SOB even ate up my pepper plants :worried: It was a pleasure squishing them :rofl: First spring at this house I tried growing on the back deck (2nd floor) and they were here just like your balcony. Hate these dang things!


They ate for 3+ days. It had rained, so I didn’t even water them before I took off and it might have been longer.


How did it get into your apartment?


Just fumbling myself in a grow/race , I try and show what im doing in pics. No one ever asks me questions, hopefully not because I suck.



It was on the “back porch”.