SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


Unfortunately, better not be any around my house. The boy got jammed up with quite a bit last year, not looking good at all for him.


Is it still a count of manslaughter per hit?


He didn’t get charged with anything like that. But 15 or more is a class x here, mandatory minimum of 6 to 20. Pretty much same difference.


Yah, no acid for me since the 70’s. Think it would be abit too intense for me nowadays!
@SmoknGranny i promised you a picture, just getting to it, here is my garden.

To the left of the sprinkler you can see Tang looking for the sun out the top of her cage.
I am legal here but still like to camoflage in the garden, most people that visit dont even notice the ‘weed’.


Will post this one here too just to keep the together, these are the Tangettes.

@Willd here is a shot of the.cages i use. Have different sizes, next year i will use a narrow inner cage and wider outside one, should help my lst to be more effective.


Thanks for sharing your Sneaky Garden with me :hugs: as well as your Tangie. I’m hoping to grow one next spring :crossed_fingers:
I’m sooo jealous that you’re in a legal state :grin:


Thanks to my wonderful friend and neighbor progress was made today for what I hope will be a future greenhouse and shed site.


Very cool Mike I like it and I think I may end up doing something similar


Hope you’re having a great Smokn Birthday :birthday: @Hogmaster :hugs:


Happy Birthday!


Thank you thank you


@Hogmaster I think that ILGM should reward it’s customers with a 5-free deal on their birthday :wink:

Old stock, stuff you were gonna put on sale anyway, etc. A surprise in the mail would be a definite PR boost!

You have until early October to get something in place, just saying. LOL


That is a great idea, my bday is coming soon too!
Tang isjust coming on to flower now, was getting nervous, our season here is short! . Hope its ok to put a better pic.

She is a Tangerine dream clone, planted late, but she has taken off and is over 6 feet, reaching for 7. Think next year i want to see what a plant with a taproot will do!!!

Wish me luck, coming in to the home stretch now, and all my eggs in one basket as they say. Hope everyone has a great labor day!


Just wanted to share with ya :grin:


I don’t think your reading of Animal Farm is correct. That’s all I’m going to say, b/c this place isn’t meant for politics.

Sorry for interjecting, Granny! :v::heart::grinning:


@blackthumbbetty No problem sweetie. As long as everyone is somewhat civil here I think open debate of thoughts and ideas is not only informative but healthy. I was lurking on a different grow site recently that actually had a topic for open political debate and it was an interesting read. :hugs:


Since Granny has approved. Animal Farm was anti -ism. Communism, Socialism, Fascism, whatever. Which was my point. Many far left democrats are actually pressing for socialism. I do not approve. That’s all.




Happy cake-day!

I was going to put socialism, but then I figured someone would just say “No! It’s about Communism!” LOL


I am not engaging any farther. Thanks for trying, though. :grinning: