SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


It’s a big and varied state. My experience differs but that doesn’t mean yours isn’t just as valid. However, I don’t know how the index is “wrong” regarding economic productivity. Perhaps you just mean that it doesn’t reflect other nuances of life in specific regions of the state.


They need to go with the 3-state split, then extend the wall to include SoCal. Or exclude :wink:


Kinda makes you wonder, since it’s so damn good out there lol.


Something that it seems is common in all those “booming economies”.


Ilgm Californians are the only ones welcome in Texas so go ahead and get out of there, I got a place u can stay!


They better get out before the Ænima theory comes to light.

Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay :wink:


Colorado is our goal in 2 years. Thank you though!


A little something to lighten the mood.


When I need a pick me up this video always does it for me


Hahahaha dumb af!


Were you in the 'Pink Floyd" crowd @SmoknGranny

If you were, search “Dark side of the rainbow” and “2001 Echoes”


OoOoOoOoWwWwWwW the sound of the dude in pain as he went around did it for me…I’m dying :joy: :rofl:


Too too funny :joy:


As a matter of fact yes I was :grin:

Just checked both out :+1:


I can remember about 4 stoner friends in 10th grade, that sticky Skunk I remember, a turntable and vinyl, and the rich kids dad had a VCR - and the Wizard of OZ.


Gotta drop the needle just right when the lion roars!


Second roar


That’s right, isn’t it.


Pretty sure that high school crowd still does this.


Yup :+1:t3: Where else do you find acid these days!?