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Crap :poop: I have to get ready and get to town. I’ll try to remember to dig out some biscuit recipes and post them over the weekend. Have fun today and smoke em if you have em :hugs:


Great post, @SmoknGranny :v:


If I’m not supposed to post this, let me know, but I found this “Hemp For Victory” movie link.


Awesome :clap:t2: Funny how my grandpa was growing hemp and his father was making shine back in Kentucky at the same time and my dad was running the shine :blush:
Thanks for sharing that video :hugs:


Your dad was a founder of NASCAR, in a sense, @SmoknGranny ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting @Whodat66 I love stuff like this. The conservative, closed-minded individuals that are against our lovely ladies, would prefer this type of information be swept under the rug.


OK Mr. ‘closed-minded’, figure this out - I’m a conservative. You that label people based on what CNN and MSNBC tells you are doomed to failure. Just sayin’


Sorry Granny. I am an AMERICAN, period. Conservative means that I don’t give a DAMN what you do, as long as you do not try to regulate what I do. If you would like to discuss it “El hefe 702”, I was El Hefe on the 617, the 716, and other Cutters… Message me.


We now return you to Granny’s page and apologize for the interruption…


Absolutely :+1: He had a hopped up Model A and no one could catch him!!!


No problem sweetie. We think alike and I have absolutely no problem with civil debate here in the Sneaky Garden. I just wish that it was acceptable in the mainstream. Without healthy debate in society … let’s just say it’s sad that so many people are trying to stifle it. :frowning:


It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, certainly no one here. All good. What I mean is those who have been brain washed, don’t think for themselves, and believe whatever they’re told. Those who are so set in their ways, based on nothing but tradition, that they try to take things away from others that benefit from those things.

I’m a proud American, myself. I’m a registered as a Republican, although I wouldn’t describe my views as any one particular way, across the board. I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, or any other TV for that matter. I don’t even have cable right now. I don’t miss much but Jeopardy and racing, but meh.

I feel exactly the same way. Everyone is free to do as they please, stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours, kind of thing.

My nickname is just that, I don’t claim to be the boss of chief of anything but this family, and that’s a stretch lol


And I’d love to hear about your time on those cutters!


Which perfectly describes the CNN and MSNBC viewership. Our economy seems to be doing great right? (unless you live in an over-regulated, over-taxed liberal state). Show me a single positive article about America involving our President from any of those sources. I’ll wait.


Read Animal Farm. Trump is exposing and foiling the pigs, and they don’t like it.


He is beholden to no one, made no promises on the campaign trail except to US, the citizens, and they do not like it one little bit. That goes for the RINO never-Trump-ers as well as the now openly proclaimed socialists that populate the democrat party.


Yet you bash conservatives? Is that because you think that is what this crowd on here agrees with, because it is what you personally believe, or because you just have no clue and it sounded cool? Asking for a friend…


Ohhhhhhhkay. Settle down. You’re kinda being belligerent. It was just a comment on a marijuana growing forum. I didn’t realize. I’m so sorry.


I’m done, and plan to neither escalate nor deescalate the conversation. Just beware spouting rhetoric. There are few things that can jerk my chain, but…


It seemed to me you jerked your own chain. All I said was that people who are against marijuana are closed-minded. The fact that I used the word conservative seems to have triggered something. I apologize for that. It won’t happen again. That’s not why I’m on this site. At all.

If you re-read, I was thanking you for posting the video, which I stand by. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you, again.


Look, conservative means I believe in the Constitution - period. Swore an oath and stuff… When I see people attack any fraction of it, I respond. I think it is a sad state when simply thinking that a label like ‘conservative’ makes me your ‘enemy’ by virtue of what the media says. Don’t believe the media. Their power comes from access. All of the 'pundit’s that they pay millions to now know jack-shit because the game has changed, and neither side likes it. The rest of America likes that we are being heard instead of those that have sold their votes for campaign contributions and whatever ‘robotic-squirrel’ funding they can get for their district.

The thing missed about conservatives is that we want small government - period. read the Bill of Rights. If it is not the purview of the government, then GTFO and leave it to the people. No subsidies for whatever industry the government chooses to support, no bailouts for companies that don’t understand capitalism, etc. Every single program created is like a government job fair to manage that program - with lifetime benefits paid by you.