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Probably this year too with the autos since I have found a couple of seeds. Not much I can do about it as it’s all around here and I still have 6-8 weeks left with the photos.


Arrrgh! You’re right though, stuff ruins a lot of outdoor grows.


I’m still good :blush: A few seeds here and there are to be expected here. Besides, as I just realized that if the wild weed smells and it’s close to the road then if folks smell mine I’ll say innocently “yeah, that damn ditchweed is stinky. Guess I’ll go hit it with some roundup “ :wink:


My thought process is “free butter” let it go. Also, if you got a seed from it and cared for it inside, what would you get? Might be worth a shot at some point just to see. Free seeds!


Okay. I’m going to let it grow and we’ll see what happens. I’m already saving the seeds from the autos for a new experiment next Spring. I’ll try to get closer over the weekend and get a closer look at it :+1:


Most of it is ruderalis, as pointed was grown during war time all over the country. Going and plucking some buds to mess around with isn’t s big deal as you pointed out. But patches of it breed amongst themselves, drop seeds, and continue to come back. As long as that continues to happen there will be males. Males that close almost promise pollination. If your females are subjected to natural pollination, it will be more like hundreds or even thousands of seeds for a large outdoor plant. Once they’re breed, the plant will focus its energy on seed production instead of bud production. Usually that means smaller harvests with little potency.


So what’s the verdict? Can I fly home to visit mom, harvest a pound or fifty of the landrace, and make butter?


Sure! Just don’t expect it to do what the stuff you make out of your trim does.

When you get there, tell her to give me a call so I can walk you through fixing her wiring lol.


All brand new :wink:


That would put you on the soon to receive demo list pretty damn quick haha.


Like, to test stuff out?


Sure lol. I’m sure I could scrounge up something. It probably wouldn’t be too bad either.


I’m down. :+1:



Wasn’t aware of the potential cbd content. I’m not a cbd user, but there may be value there for some.


This is a great article Granny , thanks for posting it . There are so many products and uses for hemp that the average person has no idea . The list just goes on and on . It’s kind of sad that growers that are growing outdoors in the midwest could possibly have the devastating effect of their plants being pollinated by ditch weed . I guess you just take that chance . Living in the northeast is not a problem . If it were I certainly would have " Reefer Madness " . Happy growing !


The part I was keying on (breeding stock) was also mentioned

“Who knows how many great new medicinal and recreational strains could be produced by crossing these hardy, pest- and disease-resistant varieties with their high-THC cousins?”


My grandpa grew hemp back in the day so I have seen it pretty much all my life. I knew going into this that cross pollination was highly probable.
I’m still considering leaving the one down the driveway grow to bud and making butter as an experiment. Possible CBD to make dog biscuits for my old pups :thinking:
Nice thing about being an old lady :older_woman: is that I have the prerogative to change my mind :rofl:


Also, since the seeds from it would be inherently ‘non-stoner’, the best experiment would be to get the seeds from a good super-high thc plant that you grow and let go to seed from the landrace pollen


Thats a great Idea …

Biscuits ??? Did someone say Biscuits ?