SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


Awesome, I’m so happy for you! Good medicine make life so much better. Enjoy it @SmoknGranny :+1: :v:


Let’s hear it for the Queen of Soul! May she Rest In Peace.


I had to sit down when I heard this one. Much R-E-S-P-E-C-T. R.I.P.


Her gospel music is something else. I think you and others who aren’t familiar with her history will love listening to those songs as well. They’ just a google away


I’m out of likes already this morning, granny, but I’m googling now!

Well…Pandora-ing, anyway.


Well check out some Elvis gospel while you’re at it. Ironically, today is the anniversary of his passing also. Queen of Soul is now with the King of Rock. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, I got a like! Lol

Will do!


You want 4 whole chickens and a coke
and dry white toast
“And Elwood?!?!”

“Don’t you blaspheme in here!”


Love love Love that movie :heart:


Watched it this afternoon when I got the news :slight_smile:


Took my trash down to the road and out of the corner of my eye I saw this :frowning:

Just a shining example of our local ditchweed!


Someone throwing seeds out the window as they drive by?


HEYYYYY exactly what I used to smoke in high school!


Probably not. Hemp was grown in the area back in the day for the war effort. They’ve tried for decades to eradicate it here to no avail. However, rumor is that down the road from me about 15-20 years ago that a marijuana farm was busted. Ya never know :grin:


I’m debating whether to leave it :blush: now I’m wondering how much is on my property. :thinking:


Leave it, see what happens…maybe as a community service, machete the males :hocho:


Heck, I’m going to need a machete just to get to it :rofl: Plus I’ll have to be somewhat stealthy in case someone drives by. I’ll have to always carry clippers as my alibi “I’m just obeying the law officer and eradicating it off my property” :wink:


:joy: I don’t think they’d mess with you. And if they did, they have no business in law enforcement.


If it grows naturally there are males there pollinating! I would go as far to say that may have even been what happened to your plants last year.


Oh trust me. “I’m just a little old woman doing my civic duty” :laughing: