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Also, I’m not understanding your transplanting procedure. you saying not to touch the stem during transplant? What about the root ball, is that what you hold it by?


Autos get topped during active growth. When the plant is in it’s veg push is the time to do that.


Correct, but on auto’s you have to time it right before flower state and I have the two large branches off the center. I would only trim with the larger seeded plants. There is a correlation between seed size and plant size. Believe it or not like Garlic seeders and feeders


what happens if you top early in veg?


Most likely you will stunt their growth, because they grow so fast. They are not heavily dependent on the sun and bloom when they want. So just wait until you get the main healthies off the center you are cutting. To be honest, I won’t cut an auto, unless it is a dominate Sativa. You asked earlier about the transplant. You don’t want the root to get bound, so you won’t have to deal with touching them. If they are bound you are stunted anyway so, basically, your f$$ked. You don’t want the soil wet or it will fall apart. Still put the stem between your middle and index fingers and flip upside down gently. Make sure you have the transplant hole ready as I explained earlier. If you are spending all this $$$ on 5 seeds of autos, I would just let them go. Unless, you have the cash to throw out the window of a car, or you know how to make some babies. Feel me?


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She is now well over 75 inches since last post and feeding like a pig!!! This is one that is 100% Sativa and I didn’t want to top

Uploading… Uploading…


Hello Granny, sorry to hear about your pup. I am way behind over here. I am going to jump in here for a second just to offer my 02 here since all I have grown were autos… I top all my autos at about 3 weeks, regardless of the strain. All have hit 3’ tall or more with the exception of my screw up on my magnum. None have slowed down for more than a day. @SmoknGranny, @Myfriendis410 and a few others here have seen my journal. I have zero issues transplanting them either. I do them the same as a photo would be done. I am not trying to say I am right, only telling how things have gone for me here. I am still new here but on my 8th auto. I have 4 going right now. All topped, 1 transplanted and one still in a one gallon pot waiting to go into a 5 gallon. I would recommend testing things for your self when it comes to autos. I have found more myths than truth reading about autos. :grin: I dumped 1/4 of a 5 gallon pot on the floor from transplanting to early into a 7 gallon. Another story there. The plant never skipped a beat. I am only saying, I try to take things with a grain of salt when it comes to autos. They are super forgiving plants in my short experience. This reminds me, time to up date on this side I love autos, they have to be super easy to grow if I can do it I am sure any one can. :grin:


Hey how are you doing my friend. I have just caught back up Granny sorry about your BB, but on the other hand I’m delighted that you saved some :wink: enjoy your blows when they are ready and then remember all you have gone through and you still got it to the end :+1:, Congratulations il be looking forward to reading about your next adventure keep safe Granny I will be updating my thread later I will tag when I do, always good vibes to you :v:️.


@Hollywood welcome to ILGM growers community, I have just gone through your post’s and you seem to have a great understanding of what you are doing with lot’s of growing experience, can you start a new thread on your journey and share it with us I for one would be very interested in following along. When to people are posting on the same thread it can get confusing for some off us anyway lol so much great information to take in can you start your own journal and just tag people into it by putting @ symbol before the user name like this ( @Hollywood ) it makes it so much easier mate that way :v:️.


Thanks for your input and condolences for my Moose @Not2SureYet :hugs: I have been keeping my eyes :eyes: on your growing & you’re gonna have to change your handle!!! Isn’t it great fun to just try and succeed :+1:
My grow partner from last season has decided to jump on the auto wagon and we’ll be working on a shopping list in the near future. Get ready for lots of questions my friend :grin:


Thanks @Johnzy81 I’m just glad that I caught things before it totally destroyed the whole plant! I did try a sample and it took me about 3 hours before I could get off the couch :joy: Both the Afghan and the B.B. are going to get final trim and jarred today and tomorrow :crossed_fingers: IF things go as planned, that is. Thanks for checking in and I am looking forward to reading your update :hugs:


Good morning everyone :hugs: I’ll try to do an update tomorrow. Some folks are coming over, hopefully, later today to help me take down Moose’s dog yard and his outdoor kennel. I’m going to be in & out as I’m trying to clean up the area before they get here so I work outside, rest inside, then go back out and do a little bit more. Again, I’m trying to pace myself but it’s frustrating as all get out.
Thanks to some brain storming and asking questions I’m pretty dang sure that I have starved the photos with weak super soil. My base was 3 cu ft and it should have been 1.5 cu ft instead. So basically I ended up having half or less of the built in nutrition my plants needed. :slight_smile:️ Thank goodness this is my learning/experiment year. I’m already planning on my spring grow and the next super soil mix. :+1:
So again, thanks for stopping by the Sneaky Garden today :hugs:


Quick update but no pics today :slight_smile:
Afghan auto and B.B. auto are dried, trimmed, & jarred :+1:
Afghan yielded 1.5 ounces of buds & .2 ounces of trim.
B.B. yielded 1.5 ounces of buds & .6 ounces of trim.
And, of course, I had to sample each one :slight_smile:️ Consequently, old Granny here has been butt locked in my couch for the past two days :rofl: I think I have found my pain/insomnia night time medicine :heart:
I’m sure that my yields next year will be much better since I finally figured out that I mixed my Super Soil at half nutritional strength. :crazy_face: I’ll also be dialing in the ph much better :crossed_fingers:
I did find a very few seeds on the autos and not a bit surprised with all the ditch weeds in the surrounding area. Yep :+1: I saved them just to see what they do next Spring and hopefully they do better than my hermied seeds experiment this year. :crossed_fingers:
Thanks for following my topic and visiting my Sneaky Garden :hugs:


Congrats on your harvest! Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Although it sounds like you’ll have no choice but to “sit back” lol


Thanks and yep I’m enjoying it :grin: Definitely need to work on growing sativa next grow for daytime :+1: I sure slept like a baby last night :wink:


Thanks for update, hope you’re doing well!