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Yep I grew into the allergy. No problem as a child but it’s another story now. Wasps are just as bad. But ground mustard poultices do help. I keep that in my first aid kit now. Please tell your sister about that :hugs:


I will, shes very allergic I think she might carry around a pen, just for that


No insurance and even with insurance the cost is astronomical. My neighbor is also allergic and was stung 3-5 times near her jugular. She’s the one who told me about the ground mustard and the ER doctor confirmed that it works.


I’m putin it down in my list,I wouldn’t be able to afford the pen either, It should work just as good, I am a true believer in organic healing


Courtesy of Budbrother @Mrcrabs


We’re still experiencing high heat indexes here and all the girls are drinking water and doing pretty darn good considering. Good news is that the temps will drop by the weekend and hopefully the sky will shed some tears :grin:
Here’s my Afghan auto at 52 days from peeking her pretty head into the world

Little Miss B.B. is on her way to glory at 40 days
All my gals got a healthy drink of Vegan tea this morning.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day :hugs:


Plants are looking good @SmoknGranny… just playing catch up and read about your pet, I’m sorry for your lose… my golden is fastly approaching same scenario…it’s hard to lose these wonderful animals


Thanks @Zombo and I’m sorry about your Golden :slightly_frowning_face:
I’ve also gotten behind on reading here and have missed a lot of posts. Every time I think I’m caught up I check again and have to start all over :joy:


I work full time and can’t get here as much too… so I’m usually behind on most of the threads… @SmoknGranny


Nice video thanks @SmoknGranny, and @budbrother


Learning and teaching moment :slightly_frowning_face: My poor Sassy & now lit’l Toree, through my ignorance, are both starving. Hmmm, anyone want to take a guess why? Well I’m going to tell you that using a filter for eliminating chlorine also filters out iron! And NOT a good thing when using Super Soil!!

Sassy is not a happy girl and Toree isn’t either

All five girls received limeade this morning and if I can make it back down early evening all will be foliar fed some iron today. Tomorrow I will add a little Epsom to their watering.
So if anyone else has some thoughts or solutions please chime in!
Thanks to @Budbrother for holding my hand and helping me realize that my good intentions of using the filter was a bad idea in my situation :hugs:
On a more positive note, both autos are making some nice buds

And my camouflage tomatoes are going wild and filling up with fruits

Thanks all for stopping by and I’m looking forward to your input :hugs:


I’ve never knowingly treated an iron deficiency, so works for me. I would be surprised however that your soil didn’t have the iron content to carry them this far? I always figured that much like a lot of the other micros in water, the iron there was at least partially immobile, and an iron chelate would be more in line.


Her soil PH is 7.8 and she has locked out the iron, which is also affecting th Phosphorus uptake.
We were just chatting about this. Like you said, iron is in pretty much all fertilizers. The PH issue is key here. The soil won’t take up the iron, so she shall foliar feed with some rusty water at dusk.


Thanks for explaining that better :hugs:


That definitely makes sense.


Did you guys discuss the lime treatments as ongoing at least until ph comes to more manageable?


To clarify a little :blush: The ph from the outside tap is 7.2 but I ran it through the filter and into a 55 gallon drum and watered from the drum. Consequently, the ph went up in the drum. While it saved me some walking & dragging a hose down daily I almost have murdered my plants


The ongoing limeade treatments have been doing the job at lowering her levels. She’s now down to 7.8 ph and dropping. :+1:t3: For now, the best we can do is get it to stay neutral.


I got you guys there. Just making sure the plan was to stay the course. I’ve found the best way for me was to amend with the lime from start and then target feedings a little on the low end until I see a reason to do otherwise. Obviously a much different situation for me.

With your water being where it is, I’m almost wondering if In future you wouldn’t almost be a little better off going with a softer mix and feeding. A simple mixing of most nutrient lines will knock that ph down a decent amount. Remind me next season and we can review how this grow turns out. Curious as to what @Budbrother thinks?


I’m already thinking about the next grow and what affordable soil mix to use. :blush: