SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


Thanks @Smokin_ernie Here I’m outside & you are inside, but you’ve inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and join the ride :hugs:

PS Did you check the shed roof?


I’ll be coming along on Granny’s Wild Ride


Glad to have you @Budbrother It’s one step and one day at a time from here on out :+1: :hugs:


Looks like you’re off to great start! Also, appears you got that light dialed in as well. Great job! I’ll be following as well.


Looking forward to your outdoor adventures @SmoknGranny


Thanks. I’m still playing with the UFO but I’m pleased with my $20 bargain. It’s been a challenge for me and I have a great deal of admiration for indoor growers. I still might go there down the road once I win the lottery :rofl:


Glad you stopped by @arcticGrow and looking forward to have you along with me on my adventure into chaos :grin:


are the ones you have growing autos or photos I don’t know if I could toss them out in to the wild lol @SmoknGranny


These two are photos from the White Widow clones which hermied last fall. I figured they would be a cheap way to learn with & IF they survive then I will have improved on the local ditchweed. They are Phase 1.
Phase 2 will be, hopefully, a SSH that I “assume” is a photo. I’ll put it out back in the greenhouse in 7 gallon bag along with some autos (phase 3) in 3 gallon bags. I’m just waiting on the last of the super soil ingredients. With any luck & no high winds, I hope to get the greenhouse up & tied down by Saturday :crossed_fingers:


Awesome @SmoknGranny I’m in between grows right now and I will enjoy following along. Thanks for the tag! They look great so far.


Thanks @Covertgrower as I always appreciate your growing and awesome pictures of your scenery :hugs: How’s the packing & sorting going? Moving time will get here faster than you realize?


Will’s Wildwood Weed all organic,all in one soil mix…lol
get it while it’s hot!
milllion dollar idea right there!


I’m thinking T-shirts :+1:


i have some wild design ideas! lol


@Josh1126 here’s my ladies getting hardened off before going to the woods :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too :+1: I keep dreaming of getting a Brother t-shirt press … I think we could do some awesome screen printing :slightly_smiling_face:


be careful in those woods dear!!!
carry a sharp hoe…lol

music starts at ;35 in the video


Tag me in. I’m along for the ride as well! Looking awesome so far!! Curious as to how you found your guerilla spot?


How wild are we talking? I was just pondering having some stickers made for my lights. Based on previous experience, you’re probably a front runner for guy to do this haha!


@SmoknGranny they are looking great make sure you keep an eye on them i had to run a turkey oit my area today lol