SmoknGranny’s Sneaky Gardens


So much to learn daily but here’s my starting point :smiley:
Since you gotta start somewhere I experimented with some hermied White Widow seeds from my first cloning attempt. Five seeds were soaked 24 hours in distilled water and all were planted in ProMix Ultimate Organic Seed Starting Mix 1.24-0.11-0.55 previously watered down with distilled water. These babies were covered with clear solo cups on a heated mat with my bargain grow light on April Fools Day.
All broke ground overnight and then it was “game on” :+1: as I learned to adjust to using the grow light. I culled down to two who are enjoying their first trip out in the real world.

These ladies will be hardened off over the next few days before going to the woods.
Hugs and love to everyone who helped me get this far. To name a few: @Bob31 (missing him :worried:) @dbrn32 @Sasquatch @garrigan65 @Laurap @FloridaSon @Sittingbull64 @DoomSack @Myfriendis410 @soilman837 and more wonderful folks

Anyone else using a greenhouse for an outdoor grow setup?
4 in the floor, growing more this round

Oh Boo, beautiful little ladies!!! Ya know im following to see them grow up!


Those look glorious SG! I’m glad to see you finally getting seeds in the ground! Set to Watching


Great start @SmoknGranny! Those lil gals look perfect!


Thanks sweetie :hugs: I’m going back down into the woods later today and tomorrow to finish prepping their grow sites. Rich and loamy soil near deer trails so will make a couple chicken wire cages for temporary protection :+1:.


lovely @SmoknGranny,i’m looking forward to watching them grow!


Thanks my dear friend :hugs: I’m going to let these grow wild so no scrogging, I don’t think. :thinking: BUT, I do have a possible Super Silver Haze (gift seed) started. If it’s as nice as these she’s going to my outdoor greenhouse garden area and I may try to do some lst :crossed_fingers:


They are all your fault :rofl: Now you know why I asked about heighths! Give ya one guess what I’m naming one of them :dog:


I figured you’d find me :blush: Darn tagging limits! You’ve encouraged me in many things these past few months and I cannot say Thanks enough :hugs:


i’m thinking we are a positive influence on one another…thank you!


Friends forever :heart:


A few more tags @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971 @Twitch @daz49 @livefast @mulegal @Covertgrower and more as I get some more coffee :coffee:


@Willd I want to say A BIG thanks for your inspiration. I’ll never be in your league nor want to grow a Farm like you, but I’m learning a lot from you :hugs:


I miss Bob as well, looks like you have advanced growing skills! @SmoknGranny:+1:


Thanks my darling @Zombo I’m no where no how an advanced grower :blush: I’m just winging it and like @Donaldj I’m trying to get my girls to adapt to my environment. Once planted in the ground these little gals are going to be on their own mostly. But they are just Phase #1 :grin:


So excited for you and to see how these gals do.


Thanks @Nug-bug for your support. I’m as nervous as a long tailed cat walking between old women in rocking chairs :joy:


@SmoknGranny is a sneaky granny! Did not know you dropped some seeds!
They look really good … cant wait to see how they do… :sunglasses:

the Squatch is watching getting-stoned


woohoo! @SmoknGranny good luck I switching to watching!


Yep :+1: If I couldn’t get past proper germination I was just going to keep my mouth shut :blush: I didn’t want to disappoint you :hugs:
Now I’m just waiting on all my ingredients from Amazon for @garrigan65 soil mix to start on some autos outdoor. I’m Granny creeping my way :rofl: