Smoking through a vaporizer

Because I am a fan of LOOKAH, I always use LOOKAH dab pen. This one was purchased with a coupon some time ago, and the price is already very favorable. LOOKAH is the fastest rising company. I started using LOOKAH is bongs a long time ago and I feel great.

Another Volcano user here and it’s the bomb had it for a few months and it works great smoothest way to inhale the vapor, also found the 6 setting to be the setting.

I also have a portable vape for the road a boundless CF vape which is a good bang for buck vape not as smooth by any means, still a lot better then a joint or a bong. Went the vape several years ago after ditching the cigs 5 years ago never looked back.

For me it is kind of like apples and oranges. We love our PAX 3 as it is easy and convenient and you can use it and go somewhere and not smell like you rolled in Tommy Chong’s ashtray. It crapped out on us this weekend (warranty covered it and sending new one) and we were forced to roll joints. Oh the horror! These old farts had to go to YouTube and figure out how to roll a joint. While we lost out on the terpenes we like from the PAX we got super stoned with the joint. So yes, there is a huge difference in the effects as far as stone/high. As for the PAX, save the already been vaped stuff (ABV) for edibles and our son, who swore up and down (he is 8 years old…just kidding! He is 32) that he can roll up some ABV and get even higher smoking it in a joint. I didn’t believe him until I used a whopping 3 tablespoons of the ABV in a box brownie mix and got so messed up it was like a psychedelic experience. He told me a tablespoon is enough. So in that manner, you get double use from the PAX and your cannabis. But as far as hitting like the descriptions of strains, actual fire brings out more effects. I think the effects of the ABV is due to the PAX basically decarbing it. We don’t vape it to brown stuff though. The moment it tastes like cardboard we know the terpenes are gone and reload with fresh.

Now that I have vomited all that out, for us, both are quite nice. It depends on ultimate goal of how high we want, how much we want to smell like cannabis, and how lazy we are. A PAX is excellent for laziness as far as loading and cleaning. You can’t get any easier. Plus, if you want to be a little more discreet, say at a now extinct function like a concert, it would be a way to go.

We did drag out the rarely used Focus Carta V and it is somewhat between a PAX and a joint. We tend to use oil vape pens for travel and discretion. Hubby travels on occasion and abroad (until the virus) and it easy to fly with.