Smoking through a vaporizer


Sounds good Hammer, you can pm me if you want with info.
Completely up to you or I can P.M you with my email.
I think that I have finally found one…just got that gut feeling. You know what I mean and I always go with that…thanks Hammer for taking you time to help me out.



cool beans ha …and ya pm me no problemo . when you get it turn it on turn on fan on high . so as to make sure any preservative is gone 5-7 mins .ps the turbo bowl GETTS hot . but it comes with two so you can swap as you go plus party bags use fan to fill … my biggest flaw is my honesty ,if i don’t like some thing ill say… but if i like a product its because it has merit :grinning:


Right on I am the same way would stir anyone for any reason the wrong way not cool at all.
Any way im off to that site i will most definitely let you know. Thanks once again for an honest opinion.



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Not quite sure what you’re saying could you be a bit more clear…sorry



oopppss wrong place


I bought the atmos jump dry erb Vape 65 bucks !!! AND IT SUCKS BIG TIME DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!! on that one anyway don’t know about others :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. I still use my Iolite after 4 years. Not the best on the market but, affordable and adequate.


just ordered 2 for friends that are new to vapeing from Arizer xtreme Q’s company offered a repeat customer "mines 4years and worn ha " a deal 2 for 160.$ us. comes with al lthe bells and whistles .


Hi Will, What vape did you get and how is it working out ?. Thanks.

Take care.



I haven’t got one yet.
Money has been tight. And they are pricey…lol



Hi Will, I bought the Arizer air portable about 5 months ago and I still have trouble sometimes getting a draw through it. I have my bong for indoors but I am thinking about the volcano. Thanks. Take care.


PS. I posted some pics of the Gold Leaf.


I am thinking about the Volcano also.

Where did you post The gold leaf ?



Hi Will, It’s under( the smell of the bud).

Take care.



I bought Pax 2 and I really enjoy it but I am considering other china vaporizers if I want to take things up a step. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about china vaporizer in recent months.


Hi Will, I just received my volcano a couple of days ago and it is truly awesome. My only previous experience with vaping was a thing called a puffit which didn’t work at all so I was really nervous about spending a pile of money on the volcano but those fears where gone on my first try. I only used a small amount of ground herb. Just enough to cover the screen about 1 mm thick. Set the volcano to level six and filled the bag with vapor which you could barely see. Took two hits from the bag and decided to set it aside and see what happens. A few minutes later I was way higher than if I had taken two hits from a bong or pipe. I did another bag a couple of hours later. The next evening I stirred the contents from the previous night and vaped them again. Did one bag and still got a nice high but not as intense as the night before. As far as my lungs and throat were concerned I might as well have been inhaling air but my head and body sure knew I wasn’t after a short time. Anyway,I’ll not be smoking weed anymore as long as this thing functions.



Thank you for that info. I have been wanting to vamp for some time now. I am really nervous about spending a pile of money myself not knowing anything about them let alone how to use the dam thing…lol
But now that you have taken the plunge and bought one and you are good with it I will get one . If you would …please send me the link to the on you have ok




Here’s a link to where I bought mine and a link with some tips and other info. I went with the standard model. The digital model is more expensive and has only a two year warranty compared to a three year for the standard. I also chose the solid valve over the easy valve. They are the same price but I think the solid will save you some over the long run. You might find a better deal with some searching. I chose free shipping over the carry case and it arrived four days after I ordered.



I just got the firefly2
rediculously expensive for a mobile device but I love it best way to medicate
Very intimidating at first but man what an awesome vaporizer


Also in here @garrigan65