Smoking through a vaporizer


I know this is an ancient conversation but I felt a bit silly starting a whole new thread for this question. Has anyone on here used the Pax 2 and, if so, is it any good? I read the linked review and it seemed pretty decent. I’ve vaped using the first Ploom Pax vaporizer but I wasn’t sure if the Pax 2 is an improvement so I was hoping someone here might have experience. I’m not a heavy vaper so any guidance would be super appreciated. Thanks!


Sorry it took so long to get back to this, I’ve not been around. I’ve never used the Pax. My experience has been with Iolite and now I’m extremely happy with the Arizer Solo and Arizer Extreme Q. The instructions leave a little to be desired, but I figured them out. It feels like I’m getting a bunch more THC out of a smaller amount than I was before. And the Iolite Wispr 2 has an issue with the mouthpiece breaking off after 5 months of use.

So far, the mostly glass Arizer stuff is working really well. I’ve figured out that my favorite temperature setting is around 420 Fahrenheit.


I went with the Pax 2 and I really enjoy it but I am considering Arizer if I want to take things up a step. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Arizer in recent months.


I have NO experience with vaporizers. I just ordered the wisper 2 from the iolite website (it was on sale as of Friday). I’ll let you know how it goes once I receive it…


I’ve recently purchased a. EZ VAPE from vape society.
It works good-unless your looking for a vape that doesn’t make you cough lol

It makes me cough every hit…
It’s cheap but works very well for its price.

Only $49.50-
(If I had enough money to buy the expensive ones-but I’m on a budget and this vape works good)


Anyone ever try the MedTainer grinder/container?


My Ariza Q is two years old, bought on ebay back then for $150. I liked the temperature control and have tried from 175 C to 240 C. I like 235 C, I smoke till I cough, stir the bowl, go a bit longer then dump it.
The taste of fresh has got to be experienced. Rich, oily, yes sir, may I have another?
Then to go back to smoke, burned flavors and coughs.

Back to Ariza Q, it has glass parts, some generic and easy to get from ebay or w/e, tubing from home depot…but some things from Ariza only. I have been waiting a few weeks now for a replacement part from them, the glass is chipped around the heating element, useable, but deteriorating quickly.

I guess a spare, more portable style now…

I had added a water pass thru for the vaporizer, it did nothing for me.


the part came today, with easy enough instructions for disassembly and all.
13 days form Canada to USA.
don’t break anything or plan ahead.

the herb goes in green and sticky, comes out brown, not charred, and dry.


How is that been reading reviews on it looks pretty good… compared to the volcano how is it… I like the fact u can use balloon and tube any problems with heat


I like the Arizer, just had to turn the temp up, vaping a bowl took me over 30 minutes. I tried a Buddha vaporizer, seemed similar to the arizer but no temp control, just on and off and on was hot.
I’ve nothing else to compare with.
It has a 3 speed fan, quiet, fills bags, remote control, shuts off after 4 hours. Just not portable and it has a power converter brick that is a brick.

vaping makes sense, like edibles, a little less toxic…
just not like packing a bong or 3 and moving on, tho, expect to sit abit.


I have a daBuddha vape (see my picture on this post #39 above) and it has a temp control right on the front that is very versatile and will adjust to any degree of moisture in the herb. I have found it to be great to use. Is the one I have the same on you were referring to? It doesn’t seem like it is the same one you are talking about. I got mine from 7th Floor on the internet.

I was just curious if it was the same one I have. Your description doesn’t seem like it is.

Happy New Year to all and to all a great buzz !



It was in a dark room, and daBuddha (thanx for spelling) was in a dark corner. I got the working end and instructions (was first time) and never really looked at the machine. I was told there was no temp control…and what I did see of it, the tube for vaping sticking out the side was much shorter.
Maybe I misunderstood, sorry to misrepresent anything.
I agree, tho. I am abusing mine as I write this. If you appreciate the flavors, vape.
If you want to take your medicine or get high in a less toxic manner, vape.


personally i like the Arizer extreme Q it comes with lots of extras works quite well .cost about 150-160 us on ebay. but called the company for two friends they each wanted one . told them how happy i was with my old EXTRM Q and they offered me a deal of 160 us for 2 of the 2016 EXTRM Q both full packages. now that’s what i call service. totally clean taste too. also i smoked or tried to any way, the remains after vaping… no THC left and tastes like semi burnt lawn clippings lol .very discreet shipping to


Say y;ou know Hammer, I need a vape been looking but thats about it. I know nothing about them and already got burned for $120.00.
I’m not going to buy another one untill someone can explain to me how they work. I have done research on them and I know that this is just what I need .my throat can’t take the harshness nor can my lungs and that alone keeps me from smoking.
Any advice from any of you that use’s one would be awesome…and please dont bulshit me ok…im very serious and have the money.



no sweat ,the only one ive ever used is the Arizer extreme Q mine is 3-4 years old still works excellent .whats you question or concern???

u still there??


Thanks for your quick responce…

You answered one already.

How long would it last for the money…you said you have had yours for 3 - 4years and still works great.
Thats one I really wanted to know.

Second…how does it smoke. Any harshness on your throat or lungs ?..I just cant have any…

How does your vape last inbetween charging…can I get more than two hits…the last one I bought I was lucky to get two hits.



you still get the expand effect i guess id describe it like this if you smoke so so bud it taste like hash .if you smoke hash it taste like oil. plus these guys give warrantee not sure think 3 year it holds about 1-2 grams bud . came with a bud shredder to .uses a cyclonic bowl . so as u puff it a little it helps to mix itself up .but also came with a glass stir tool… i hold mine on with a piece of stretchy velcrow


If you don’t mind could you post me their link.
That would would real cool if you could do that for me.
Hey if I mentioned your name or email maybe they would give you a small referral discount…hey they already took care of you once already for that…up to you…



i would love to ,but i have never figured out how to post a link :cry: but google www Arizer .com .then go to their official site .log in .leave a message ask for any special’s on their 2015 extreme Q model. i cant see or read any diff on the 15 or 16 year that is . sending this .and warming mine now and grabbing a beer


because i mentioned i am an old customer they offered what they called a loyalty discount . that’s pretty good service. almost bought one more for my shop . also they can be powered by 110 12volt and i think battery pack options . but only comes with 110 . but still i got a shit load extras as a standard package ps id add the silicone heat sheld to get extra for the turbo bowl .it gets260 cel