Smoking through a vaporizer


Whispr is the model after mine. I have the original Iolite. Not sure if I buy another. I want a Volcano; Or something as good.


I just bought a couple of Iolite’s. One of the old ones and a whispr. I’m one of those who thinks I’m not getting as much buzz. But then, the chamber is a little smaller than my bowl. I’ll keep playing with them and see.

Do you get vapor?

I don’t think I need the condenser because there is no vapor when I inhale.


I think I need to keep playing with mine as well.

As I do have a lot of experience with other vaporizers, I have had some luck, but only some, getting a visible vapor with the original model which has a lower top temperature than the newer ‘whisper’ model. I only got the original model. I suspect part of the reason why they made the newer model, is for those that aren’t as patient to really let the whole herb chamber get to max temp, or for those that like a little more of a “smoky” vapor. Also, similar to other vaporizers, often a really slow draw is needed as to let the incoming fresh air have enough time to heat up and carry the evaporated compounds into the “vapor” stream, this is much more tricky at the lower temperatures. More heat, or higher temps means the fresh cold air heats up faster. With most vaporizers the speed of the draw is important in regulating max temp, the faster you draw in fresh cold air the lower the top temp reached in the moving stream of air.

Anyway, Latewood, yes, any tips would be welcomed.


P.S., so far I might be preferring my 'magic flight launch box’for portable vaporizers (and you just can’t beat the versatility of the vriptech attachments with the stienel ceramic heatgun combo for volcano quality balloons or old fashioned bong rips), but it is very easy to get the herb mix too hot with these type portable vaporizers and you get an almost lightly burnt popcorn smell/flavor/smoke if you get it too hot. You can over do this as well with the adjustable temperature “desk top” vaporizers like the volcano and many others that will let you adjust the temps much higher than the max needed and some people just like a smokier vapor.


I’ve figured out part of my issue. Smoking gives you a sudden big head rush at some point. With the vaporizer, instead of a sudden head rush, I get a slow climb.

I’ve slowed my inhale and that seems to help a lot. I’ll keep “practicing.”

I don’t need a big wad of vapor to feel like I’m getting a good hit. The taste is the most incredible part of this. That fuzzy, dry feeling/taste on my tongue is rather enjoyable.


I would like to buy a volcano but they cost between $500-$750 here in aus depending what you get! so I still just smoke bongs but im gonna have to cough the money up for one soon as I don’t know how much longer my lungs will last with the bong as I have a cone pretty much every 10-20 mins instead of taking the oxycontin and alprazolam that im prescribed constantly I hardly ever take them I have over 2000 2mg alprazolam tabs and even more oxycontin if I was a drug dealer I could make lots of money, lol, I will probably end up flushing them.


So far, I’m pleased with my 86 dollar (American) iolite from Ebay. My Vapir cost me about 200 a few years ago and it’s tired and has a tendency to catch fire occasionally. (If you’ve ever seen bud smoke inside a clear plastic bag, you realize just how much you don’t want that stuff in your lungs.)


So, I’ve been vaping now for a couple of days. There is definately a bit of difference in a smoke high and a vapor high. When I burn, I get a sudden “hit” of high. That high gradually tapers down till it’s gone. With the vape, I climb to the same high, but it takes a little bit to get there. Then it tapers down till it’s gone.

But it’s just as good a high, at least for me. And I haven’t had to cough up a lung every time as well. I like this little Iolite. I can’t wait to try other brands.


yeah I make a new bong every week because its black within a week so yeah there would have to be plenty of the shit on my lungs.
so yeah I think I will let the moths out of my wallet and cough up the cash for one, I will have a look at the lolite on ebay.


Just got my Wispr2. I’m surprised I can still type. Wow.

The vapor threw me for a minute, the Iolite didn’t really have much vapor. Even at the end. But this one does. And again, Wow.

You could even use it as a level. :wink: :wink:


Could you post the link where you bought your Wispr2. I still can’t figure out what to buy. I know nothing about them so many to choose from and really don’t know how they work, but I really could use one.




I ordered it on ebay. The Wispr2 uses butane to heat the chamber. Don’t buy cheap butane because it will clog the valves and you won’t get much use out of it. You fill the chamber with ground up herb or pipe tobacco. Start the burner and suck the vapor through the mouthpiece. It’s not hard, but you do have a bit of a curve to get the most out of it.

The seller I ordered it from advertised it would be here in like 4 days, but it took over a week. It might be because of the holiday, but I sooner think it’s because they don’t have a good estimate of the shipping time.

I’d link it, but it’s easy to search. Just search for wispr2 on ebay. You can also order them from the manufacturer for the suggested retail price. But I’m cheap.


Honestly I like them the same as my magic flight launch box and think that one has a easier learning curve.

And the magic flight launch box can be found much cheaper than the iolites and there is a knock off that works pretty much just as good for even way less, the dragon lite, as low as $20 brand new with one rechargeable battery.

In either the iolite, Wispr2 or the magic flight/dragon lite, a fine grind on you herbal mixture, tobacco or weed. The fine grind is needed to get the hot air evenly around all the material to effectively evaporate all the active constituents like THC.


I do not like the Dragonlite warranty or dealing with the company, I guess you get what you pay for. I recommended getting the Magic Flight Launch Box for about $80, unless you can find the Dragonlite for $20 or less, it is only worth that much and I would consider it disposable and not deal with its warranty as it’ll cost you almost that much in shipping to get it replaced, however, not only is the MFLB better quality, the warranty is much better and easier to have fulfilled.


Thank you both VEFRY MUCH my cancer treatment has really fu…ed up my throat and I just got to get one of these. Ive heard a lot about them right here in the forum but know nothing about how they work and the price wow. But if I can get one for around $20. bucks or even $50. I would pay it in a heart beat.
Thanks for the link Stoner…i’em on my way…lol



I get much less throat burn with the Iolites than I used to get smoking, but I still get a bit. I might be waiting too long and letting it get too hot or something. Or it’s just the vapor drying out my throat.


I went and checked both of them out and they did explain a little on how they worked. I’ll be placing my order for one this weekend. I’em sure its going to help a whole lot.
I thank you two guys again it means a lot to me.



Some people do say they feel their throat gets dryer with a dry herb vaporizer. I know a lot of vaporizers, including the magic flight launch box have developed way to pull the vapor through a water pipe. Most should be adaptable easily enough to your favorite type of water pipe, just be sure to use a clean waterpipe, clean it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and rock salt and/or maybe rice. You kind of need the chunky material to act as scrubbers shaking the mixture around inside the pipe to clean it.

Another option is the magical butter machine, and make your own vegetable glycerin cannabis tinctures. This glycerin concentrate can be used in normal “vape juice” pens but you would use your own vegetable glycerin tincture instead of buying the stuff at a smoke store that probably has nicotine mixed in it. The vegetable glycerine is safe and will sooth your dry throat when you vape it. You can buy pre-made cannabis tinctures for “vape juice” pens at a local dispensary with your medical card, but otherwise you’ll probably have to get the magical butter machine to make your own.


I got my AriZer Extreme Q 4.0 from Love it. Use the Prome Code “a friend indeed” for 10% off.


Vape is the only way to go. I use it for MMJ and I do not cough at all. I bought Da Buddha from 7th Floor on line and caught it on sale with the carrying bag for just over $100. I hated to spend that much but I also cannot smoke pipe of joints without coughing like crazy and making my lung and trachea condition worse. After I got it, I am wondering why it took me so long to get it! Can still taste the flavor of your favorite smoke and not get all the combustion carbon and smoke. Really works well for me. I no longer have a pipe or rolling papers anymore!


Suggestion to Vape users. Don’t save roaches to put in the vape later. They taste awful.