Smoking fan leaves


Is it okay to store and smoke fan leaves??


As a matter of fact I am smoking on mine right now waiting another week for harvest I smoke any that I have to pull or fall off


I wouldn’t see the harm in it as long as they are covered in trichomes and you smoke “sugar leaves” lol


I have tried leaves before in an attempt to quit cigarettes. It was unsuccessful for me because it seems like every time I smoke them I end up with a terrible headache. Figured I was gonna smoke anyway, so left the leaves alone.

Knowing how many trics I missed out on by doing that(not knowing how to properly utilize them at that time) was always a problem for me. :imp:

Thanks to all the information here, I now know how to make the most of my harvest. But I still prefer to smoke. So if anyone happens to know how to eliminate the leaf headache, I would be grateful for that info.

Thanks for any and all help.


Toke em! Especially the trimmings close to the colas. Fan leaves are a good medicine fresh green cut. Just add to your favorite salad and munch!!


Here it’s again @garrigan65