Smoking around grow tent

Okay here is the situation. My friend has a room with an ambient temperature of around 77 degrees humidity 50%. It is the only room in the building that has AC. There is a five by five by 80 in tent with a 4 inch for in intake fan running 24 hours a day pumping air through a filter and pre-filter and inside the tent is 6in exhaust removing: air from inside the tent every 3 minutes. With another filter and pre filter. Since it’s the only room with ac everybody wants to smoke in that room. My question is is the smoke going to harm the plants inside the tent? Any input would help me greatly as to what is going on in that room the tent is in.

Won’t do a thing, don’t worry, don’t panic, and since there’s a chance that the smoke fumes will keep bugs down it may be benficial.

Just think of how much crap there is in the air outside and remember that people grow outside in much more polluted air than you will be growing in.

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I smoke in my grow room and haven’t noticed any I’ll effects

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Cool , thanks figured those Australian charcoal filters would help also.

You gotta watch for tmv. It’s tobacco mosaic virus. Never had it myself, but have heard or read about it


shouldn’t make much if any diff

Guess im a purist. Its non smoking so they dont know what is going to happen t o them.


If anything other than TMV @HornHead (great stuff dude!) I would say it will shorten your filter life.

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Said it before, will say it again.

Has there ever been one PROVEN case of TMV in marijuana plants? There may be pictures of plants with symptoms which look like TMV, but that just means someone has put something on the internet saying it happens and we all know how reliable the internet can be.

And since TMV CANNOT be spread when tobacco is burned, never mind how TMV is destroyed in the drying and curing process to make cigarettes (they don’t hang dry, they put it through a heating chamber multiple times) then we can safely say that there is no danger from smoking nearby, no risk from handling cigarettes,.and that there is an urban legend which has grown up around TMV and weed.

It’s time the TMV myth was destroyed, until someone actually PROVES marijuana is one of the species of plants which can be afftected with TMV. And that is something NOBODY has proven yet.

Going to take this further as I have found multiple cases online where people have either sent samples of possible TMV to labs or have used the test kits you can buy yourself. Every single one came back NEGATIVE for TMV. Let’s bury this myth once and for all.

Its recognized by this and alot of other seed banks, I’ve never seen a Florida Black Panther. Lived, hiked, camped Florida my whole life…i still believe they exist





@anon35207245 im not saying it isn’t misdiagnosed, but non existant im marijuana???

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Was it tested to prove it was TMV?

You see, there are viruses, a varaiation of TMV but NOT TMV which can affect marijuana, a completely different virus, so I stand by what I say.

Give actual lab test results that TMV can infect marijuana or it is a myth

I like to smoke weed in my grow room so they know how they are supposed to rippen

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That’s all I would smoke, they are happy happy happy.

Ive smoked plenty of cigs in a grow room, and it hasn’t made a difference that I can tell.

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Sounds like someones trying to sell us something we may never need :upside_down_face:

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There will be a CO2 boost from people being in the room and from the smoke so your plants will grow better.