"Smokey bear" First ever Grow of anything

This one above is the youngest 10days apart from the other ones.


let me know your views and thoughts. Remember this is my first ever plantsi have grew in my life.

The last two pics are my feeble attemp at LSTing still afraid i will damage her.

I added this as i forgot to add this one and cant believe how different the two the same age are. Over halfway cant wait

I welcome all advice and criticism as long as its constructive criticism lol. Thank you in advance.


Looks really good so far @Mikos great job!


Looks good as far as I see, what architecture are you trying to give to your plant?

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Just trying to get more light to the lower branch’s in a hope to get a better yeild.

@EiffelSmoker not did this before i just watched a bunch of videos read some books well lots and lots of books and all the great info from people like urself but i lack the confidence to this as i made a few mistakes in the begining but in auto growing as long as u get them quick or better yet have no issue with auto flower then they are able to recover but sometimes it can be to late and am starting to think that with my 5wk soil one as she just wont stretch am hoping she just a bit slower than her sister and will start to streching in the nxt couple days to a week if not then al be lucky to get a half oz out of her she tht small. I be happy if she streched a couple inches i would be happy and i know she is ok but now am thinking i have a root issue with her since she went into her big fabric pot just over a week ago so there is the transplant tht might have shocked her and her roots were a bit discolored but i thought tht was just cause she was in a smaller pot. But i guess i got to take ti good with the bad. Sorry about the rant people i get carried away on here dont get much chance to talk about growing as my family etc wouldnt approve but if it makes me better and takes the pain etc away thn i say grow grow grow.


Off to great start! We do so many things to make them grow sometimes appearing cruel or hurtful. Have you or are you going to top or fim? Just wait till you cut thru the stem at end of flower. Cant tell you how many times i said im sorry, so sorry, but…end result, Yummy!


You are doing a fantastic job!!

Excellent looking plants so far .:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hey @Mikos,

I suggest you don’t crop or bend too much when you grow auto, they are made to grow by themselves, and a stress coming from a cut is not something they like (less than feminized ones).

If you have roots issues that you have difficulties to watch, make sure you rince well the plant with few waterings without fertilizers (a flush solution if you have), so all the nutrients will leave the plant, and hopefully, the reason of the issue!

On the other hand, I suggest that in your everyday watering, you wait until the soil is well dry, in order to “push” the roots to expand themselves looking for water. Following just this tip, you’ll put all the chances no to end up with a dwarf plant.
From what I experienced, basically, the more light hours you give to the plant the more it will be productive, but i’m talking here of 20 hours light a day, everyday. I know it seems a lot, but at least 16 hours average in order not to suffer from big production capacity compared to feminized or regular seeds.

I don’t know if I responded all your inquieries lol but I stay around this thread if you need :wink:


Thank you @eiffelsmoker thats exactly what i was thinking of doing is flushing her like i did with her sister when i had a issue with her. So i might just do that.

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