Smoke sessions dirty south


@Usmcjojo hey bro on a serious note you got Facebook to say hi


I don’t have Facebook brotha don’t need that drama.


Gotcha, trying to come and say hey to ya if your ok with that @Usmcjojo


Looking for another platform to pass sensitive intel


Hold on bro I’m gonna try something.


Not scared to send access in here but I’ll withdraw the info right after you receive it so we can exchange secure comms


Be cautious as exchanging personal info here is a violation.


Yup becareful im watching and this is both of your warnings @Usmcjojo, and @Irish32, DO NOT be sharing private information here ie; phone numbers email account Twitter and facebook, its a violation of our rules here and is seriously frowned upon due to us being a secure website .

@Usmcjojo I noticed you don’t have a Facebook but no sharing other information here either (personal information)


No worries bro @Majiktoker won’t happen again.


Thanks :+1: just remember you never know whose watching :innocent: us staff members are like angels we’re every where though you don’t see us, you’ll always be caught lol


So instead of bucking the system like I tend to do, what could be a possible way to communicate with my fellow veterans on a personal level, I understand the legal implications of having a secure site with POSSIBLE GROWERS meeting up and congregating is on some level a federal offense. However I am also curious about this if I come across a fellow veteran who is having mental health issues that’s involved with possible suicide tendencies? @Majiktoker @Usmcjojo and ALL my veteran brothers. Is there no mercy for us who gave everything without question or regard for future consequences? Sometimes a man needs to meet and talk with other that have same treatment methods or maybe the solution I’m looking for to help make lifes path a little more manageable. I’m not attempting to ruin or bring legal ramifications to this amazing resource. Sometimes a good conversation about life with like minded individuals is the best medicine


Happened to me yesterday, which is why I noticed. I hadn’t shared anything but the path was heading that way. Dumme set me straight that it was heading that direction.

I tried to do the same so no one would get in trouble and instead I think I pointed it out. I pretty much expect to get beat up on the playground at recess so… :slight_smile:


this about making human connections with the few that have been there and done that with a bloody t shirt to prove it bud. I love all of y’all. No disrespect intended


Give me a description of the bully boss I’ll take care of recess :rage::smiling_imp:


Unfortunately I can’t help I don’t know you can help members through that in our lounge