Smoke report on harvest


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Smoke report
This is a smoke report on the SS harvest back in Oct. and cure for two weeks.
After cure I got a total of 3 oz of SS from 2 plants.
Upon opening the baggie you notice a very pungent smell as skunk normally should.
You can feel the texture from the pic and the buds do still have a stickiness to them from the THC.
I harvesyed them both when the triechs were cloudy.
The high from-it was really good but more on the head side then a couch lock.
Would just find myself sitting looking out a window pondering the celestial universe lol.

I still have a Gold Leaf about 1 or 2 weeks from harvest.

Thanks for all your inputs.
Will probably wait until Jan or Feb to start a new grow and try and utilize a SCROG.


I have GL just AS far yours from harvest. Day 65 flowering. Till waiting some amber come…


Yea my poor GL has had a bad run.
She started out several weeks behind the SS , so I was kinda lucky to start her in flower around the same time as the SS.
8 weeks into the grow the humidity dropped out in the basement where my grow room is setup.
The SS was really ready to harvest as their techrimes were all cloudy.
The poor GL was left to continue flowering.
The humidity dropped down to 26% and since I was doing some LST on the GL the main stalk split right down the moiddle and I lost two very nice branches with buds on them.
Now she looks like Charlie browns Christmas tree, lol
But she is still hanging on. All the techrimes are cloudy but I would like to wait until I see amber. I figured another two weeks and they should start to turn.


The GL has been the hardest for me to get going.
Out of all my seeds I got this one to grow.
I mean, it’s been very hardy once it got going but getting them started was touchy.


That bud looks good. My GL grew good and has a very good high. Next season I’m growing SS I haven’t grown 1 yet I have the seeds. I’m not sure what other strains I’m growing. The GL is potent and is a bit of a creeper you should like


I hope so, lol.
I was only able to get 1 out of 4 GL seeds to actually grow.
And at that she has had a rough tenure.

The Bud you saw was from the SS.


SS is on the spring grow list


Where on the shipping package did it say it was shipped from