Smokable trimmlng

I’ve read plants won’t start producing THC until they’re 3 months old. I assume this is for outdoor plants. What about indoor plant? AT Some point are the shade leaves worth smoking?

I myself have never smoked the fan leaves. There are not many trichomes on them. Not to mention the fact that fan leaves are made up of a very high percentage of chlorophyll. That smoke would probably be harsh enough to sand a diamond.

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I use them for hash

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The sugar leaves I would think would be smoke-able due to all the crystals and what not. I use mine for oil and the rest of the plant for hash. I even use the roots to make tea. I am for sure one of them that tries and uses every part of this beautiful plant.


I agree I use them for hash, topical salves and other things

@Majiktoker I would like to know more about the topical salves please sir. What’s its main benefit?

The recipe I use cures skin cancer (if you were to have it) and cures pain, such as arthritis,severe pains and migraines and etc it works fast those are benefits as well as it works with 10-15 minutes of being applied on the skin, you rub it on your skin…works absolutely great.

It takes an:
oz of trim
16 oz of coconut oil
1 oz of beeswax
1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
And add any other ingredients (you can use emu oil or tiger balm in replacement of beeswax, personally your choice)


@Majiktoker I know you posted this a couple weeks ago. I’m a newb and I just read your post. Does this need to be cooked or heated at all or just mixed together? I’d like to make some to see if it will help some of the arthritis my wife and I have.

Start by melting weed in coconut oil, then mix the bees wax in after 90 minutes, then once fire is off put in vitamin e oil then put in containers and than in fridge until cool do not freeze


Excellent, thanks for that!

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Your welcome

Hi Majiktoker, I’m a first time grower and would like to know if I would use all my leaves after harvest or just the trimmings from around my (hoped for) huge buds? I suffer from Psoriasis and the resulting Arthritis so I want to try your salve for my Joints and for my skin. Could your advice be given to a 55 year old with the knowledge of a 5 year old when it comes to some terms and Tech Speak? Love the info from the Grow Bible, Emails and Forums, Thanks.

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@Wasthatmee, yes you can easily perceive the knowledge and understand it very simple. The @ symbol will help me realize you got a hold of me faster. Welcome to ilgm, we are happy to have you here with us.

You will want to use just the sugar leaves or the flowers themselves.

You’ll need:

  1. 1-2 Oz’s of sugar trim or flowers
  2. 16 Oz’s of coconut oil
  3. 1 oz of beeswax
  4. 1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
  5. A sauce pan
  6. Cheescloth or coffee filter, or something to strain product from salve

You’ll put the coconut oil in saucepan first, start melting on low heat add trim or flowers. Let simmer for 1-2 hours the longer it simmers the better the pain relieving affects. Do not boil mixture, after an hour or 2 strain the trim or flowers from mix should have a some what of an amber green color. Once strained you’ll add the cannabis infused coconut oil to low heat again. Again do not boil, once back on the low heat add the 1 oz of beeswax, and melt it, should take 20-30 minutes to melt, when melting mix in well with coconut oil. Once all the beeswax is melted you can remove from heat but quickly add in the 1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil. Once removed from heat it starts to solidify so you absolutely need storage containers ready. Once vitamin e oil is mixed in and salve is off heat immediately transfer to storage containers and stick in fridge.

Do not freeze. Once completely solid your good to use and enjoy. Leave in fridge for around 5-6 hours to completely solidify happy growing ill be around if you need the help


Fantastic! Great info, Thanks a lot

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@Wasthatmee, my pleasure