SmittyJ's Gold Leaf-flowering

Hello my fellow aficionados! I have a gold leaf grow going, they are in week 3 of flowering, week 11 overall. I flipped lights 17 days ago and they started flowering about 9 days later so they have been showing buds for 8 days. They are tiny buds for sure but I am concerned because the hairs on a couple of the buds are already amber! What do y’all think?


Things happen sometimes that will darken pistils.
A little too much light/heat. Perhaps oils or something on your fingers and they were touched.
Darkened on the tips only like those might indicate pollination so you might check for a hermie/male flower nearby.
Overall they are looking great. May not be anything to worry about and not much you can do anyway. Do check for boy parts on the stems tho.


Thank you, they are very close to the light, my tent is only a 3X3X5 and they have continued to grow and stretch toward the light even through the LST and super cropping. The heat/light is likely the culprit. I have thee auto flowers in the tent with them but they are all flowering as well so I don’t really think I have a hermie in there.
I appreciate the response and the help.

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Many of the buds’ sugar leaves are browning around the edges. This is prominent on the taller colas, not so much on the lower colas. I take this to mean that they are too close to the light and that heat is causing them to brown. I have reduced the light output and increased the ventilation but that produced no change to the browning leaves. The tent that they are in is a 3x3x6, I have ordered a 4x4x7 that will arrive tomorrow. I am not convinced that I will see any improvement but hopefully they will not get any worse.