Smite or ladybugs for mites

Anyone here know if smite will kill the plant or smother the intake of the leaves. I’m attempting to rid 4 plants of mites b4 they invade the other plants growing in the room.

Not to dodge your question, but what stage are your plants in, flower or veg?

I would treat all plants as affected, BTW. You have to wonder what other areas of your property are harboring the pests, and how they got into your grow initially.

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Flower the infected ones are done in about 3 weeks, give or take. the other non infected are only about 3 weeks into flower as I have separate rooms for veg and flower so all plants are in flower however some are older than others.

I didnt have any mites on my last harvest however everything was organic and fish fertilizer kept many pest away @KeystoneCops

Any idea as to the species of the invaders?

I like Californicus mites as a biological control. They feed on multiple mite species, but they also eat pollen. That’s advantageous because they will linger in the garden after exhausting their preferred food source as long as you provide a banker plant.

Personally, I wouldn’t knowingly vape flowers that were treated with a topical. Not even neem.

Neem oil shouldn’t be used on finishing plants, I had good results using Liquid ladybug on infected plants, and spray deluded bleach on everything else, I kept up the battle even after all signs showed they were gone, they were successfully eradicated and haven’t seen them since, and they were the two spotted bastards that everyone dreads!