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I’ve really kinda just let these go as they got a rough start and was concerned any training might set them back. Probably the wrong move. I am wondering if I should clean up the bottoms or just leave them be?

Leave em till your bud sites are little fluffy stars

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my first grow which ended not long ago had some issues that appear similar in plant pain? if thats the way to put it…

smaller, struggling to develop…

i had the opposite though, super low humidity


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these are autos that went into 5 gallon pots. I think it just took a while also for them to get roots set. once i started watering every day in the promix they took right off.

update. Day… uh…51 above ground. :rofl:
They are still growing! Even little crispy is doing good.(bottom middle) got topped yesterday. buds arent getting big yet.
18/6 260x2 @about 20-24" daily average conditions 79F- 62RH

They getting jacks full strength 950-1100 ppm with silica every day with good runoff, once a day.
Feeding some recharge every couple days and tribus maybe twice a week when i can remember to add it.


Lol right, when I can remember.

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I should have it marked on my schedule. I keep the tribus in a different room(closet) as the rh is pretty low in the grow room. Kinda out of site out of mind.

Joys of a reservoir system, load it up once walk away for a week maybe 2 lol.

It will be just under 2 weeks when I get home and my girlfriend hasn’t added water. So I think I got lots of mixing to do when I get home.
I’m using this fishsh!t

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update. day 53

All feed and other environmentals the same as above.

I have 1 thats growing strange and I don’t like the looks of it.

Not sure what’s going on here. Any input would be appreciated.

The others look ok but small bud set.


day 57? i lost count.
same feed/lights and temps as above.
Defoliated today just to many internal fan leaves and crap. Next time Ill do better training.
spilled some mix on a few leaves and they look not so awesome now.
small buds but getting there. Next time will definitely have an auto only tent as like I said at the beginning these will screw up my time line. And they have,. Learning lessons can be fun but frustrating.

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