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Howdy folks!

First go at autos here. And basically second/3rd grow attempt ever. first was here
I also have another grow started here

Four of these Wedding Cake seeds are in water now and will be going into 5 gallon fabric pots in the 4x4 under two kingbright 240s i may put a 3k on them in the beginning then go 3500 not sure yet.

I need to crash course on the autos


Soak in peroxide and water for 20hr then put into damp paper towel in a Tupperware even if they don’t crack. To long of smoke could kill seeds.

Start in something small like a jiffy puck or rapid rooter.
Then into 5 gallons with domes until first re set of leaves.
Ensure a little breeze and take domes off.

Run your 3500k

And like 20 DLI (or just turn one on as low as possible and then control stretch with light strength.
1inch node spacing ideal. Don’t blast with lights until stretch


i used rooters my first time and was not a huge fan. cant I just stick them in the medium once they pop or solo cupem? ive got the rooter trays and heat mats/thermostats but no plugs.

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I personally don’t like solo cups and here is why.

You can’t transfer them directly, you have to transplant them and this means that tap root hits the bottom and then starts to spin around and up.

You can totally do it in a solo cup it’s jsut there are much better ways but if it’s what you got then don’t sweat it, just not ideal.

New thing me and @Not2SureYet are trying are nursery bags.

Make sure your autos get at least 4hr of darkness
After the first week, from them on forward


Already know I’m tagging along!

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ok so I all 4 have cracked

let them get a touch longer. In the meantime I need to figure out if they are going straight into the 5 gallons with promix or solo cups under the hlg 65 then into the 5 gallons.

I dont have any rooter plugs and the grow shop isnt open tomorrow.


seeds are in the ground/ pots. I decided to go straight into the promix. I premoistened the promix with ro/30 ish ppm water making sure all the medium was now moist and had um… moisture in it. Just so i could get a jump on keeping it moist later.

I then scooped out a big handful of soil and sprinkled some extreme mykos in and kinda mixed the soil up where figure the roots will be growing in later. top 3-5 inches. I then poked a little hole about an inch deep and i then made sure the hole and the surrounding are wet moist but not soaking wet. I then sprinkled in just a touch of mykos into the hole.

I took some surgical forceps and gently placed the seed tap root down into the hole. and gently covered it in soil that was lightly moist.

I keep saying soil but i mean promix or medium. I’ll get it right eventually. :joy:

put all the pots in the 4x4 and positioned 1 kingbright 240 so they were all getting some light and dialed it down to 70w at what looks about like 26 inches or so. Ill measure when i get a chance doesnt matter right now anyway I am just wasting electricity. but it is adding a touch of warmth to the tent.

I zipped the 4x4 up and positioned the intake tube( still passive intake on 4x4) so that it was aimed at the radiant heater I will be running to keep the room at 75ish at night.

Once they break ground I will give them the dome with a light mist and keep my fingers crossed.

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so you’re saying let them get 24/7 light at first then 1 week in get them on 18/6 or similar?

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Wait until they pop from the ground, your light will dry the soil out super fast if it’s to close or to warm in there.

Once they pop yeah 24hr light for a week,
Set whatever scedule you want 18/6 or 20/4 control your lighting according to the node spacing you ideally want about one inch.

Spacing to much increase light or vice versa.

I can’t wist to see and smell my garden on Monday night it’s been two weeks :crying_cat_face:


still haven’t broke ground. which is odd. I checked yesterday to make sure i hadn’t compacted the soil to much and I hadnt so i hope i see something soon.

Finally broke ground. Behold! :joy: :rofl:
day one veg for these ILGM wedding cake Autos.

So i have them in the 4x4 under one qb240 dimmed to about 70 watts at 30" I wish i had 4 of the hlg 65, one for each pot. It did a damn fine job with the other sprouts at 18"
So ill need to dial this light in.
had a screw up this morning and my light shut off after 6 hours of light as i had it set to shut off at 12pm not a.m. :grimacing:. came home at 6 and realized it was off so got it going again and corrected the timer. which i am taking it off of to run 24/7 then switch to 18/6 most likely.
Dome on for now. 74-75F


Yahooo! Now the rest…?.

Most stresfull part is seed to 1 week old.
I feel your pain I drop on Friday

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all 4 are up and growing leaves.

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5 days above ground and looking a little bigger.

will be giving them a little dose of recharge and tribus soon. Then a 30% jacks once they get a little bigger and or those cotyledons yellow up…

just have had Ro @30ppm
Light is 120w @ 28 inches. i dimed it down to 100 to see how the react. I also took off the domes for the day as they looked a little droopy maybe from stale air. I also hooked up a small 6" fan to circulate air in the 4x4 as well as the T6 exhaust. They look much better this evening.

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i forgot temps around 72-75 and rh 65-70

switching to 18/6 tonight and put the domes back on. cotyledons are starting to yellow on 3 of the plants quickly and they are still very small. They did get a growth spurt today.

8 days since breaking ground. growth seems kinda slow but i imagine that is because of all the space they have to make roots in before making leaves. next time may go to a rooter plug or the like and then go into the 5 gallon pot.

lights about 100W @ 28"
72-75F 65-72RH
18/6 light now for cycle.