Smelly until week 11

My autos were really smelly. But now the smell is gone. What affect does humidity have on the plants? I grow outside and can’t control humidity. Everything else looks good. Almost time to harvest.

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Humidity = bud rot and molds

what happened to the smell?

Sometimes your smell will go away but I reassure you it will come back whenever you curing had this happen several several times but the smell will come back you just want to make sure you don’t over dry it before you start curing They probably won’t come back while it’s growing but it will definitely come back after it cured. As for humility that something we can’t control outdoors just make sure there’s a breeze around it or somehow take a fan out there blowing on it with it being this early in the season and a auto it does not take on the same diseases as the feminized seeds do


Thanks Hogmaster. That’s what I wanted to hear.

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