Smell of the room

Yeah always a toss up when I tried going through mine cause of age the smell seemed to permeate through and kinda stink up pockets of the house. Once I went to scrubbing the room worked better for me. Having a sealed chimney is nice. Good work on the plastic. That will help a bunch.

Nice set up my gun safe is in our bed room but my wife is a licensed hand gun instructor so she wants them easy to access

Several weeks ago she said it smelled like a skunk in the house I already had the room plastic off that same day I got my second carbon filter and ran everything up the chimney it was a day when the heater had kicked on I told her I seen a skunk outside the day before the heaters kicked on just about every night sense no issues ever since then my house was built in 1910 but completely stripped the chimney got completely redone pull all the sheet rock down rewired the house free Koppert the house for the plumbing I’m in good shape now she hates basement and the steps are a pain in the ass to get down so she don’t even go down there Lucky lucky me

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I have all my reloading equipment down in the basement one safe down in the basement and one safe in the bedroom I have been in the military But I’ll tell you what since I started smoking I haven’t had to hardly take any medicine because the smoke today is nothing like it was back in the 80s when I was smoking it

Damn I thought I had it bad your back is worse than mine though . They had me on 180 mg. Of oxy and soma for spasms each day and I just quit . The doc was pissed at me for not doing a slow detox but I have always been all or nothing kind of guy and my system couldnt take it any more but I was sick as hell for a week or so

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I did the old Rick Simpson oil technique and I’m down to practically zero Meds there’s nothing worse than feeling all itchy and come in off of that shit excuse my French

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They want to do surgery on my back, but I’ve only known 2 people that actually benefited from it. Thankfully mine is a choice since mine’s not broke. Although I understand why people go under the knife. Sometimes the pain is enough that you’re willing to do just about anything to find relief.

I have a deep distrust for the medical field. Not so much the people, but the profession. The pharmaceutical field is the worst of them all. Again, not the people.

I also don’t like opiates, but opium itself wasn’t bad when I tried it in the 80’s. It wasn’t for me, but I see why some people get hooked.

We will notice, as “Big Pharm” gets more involved with marijuana, that trying to isolate certain active ingredients will start leading to complications. While the active ingredients are important, I believe you need the whole thing.

Some of the properties that we consider as “inactive” actually counteract harmful effects. Take those away in an attempt to concentrate and refine for manufacturing only turns a good thing into a slow acting poison.

I’m glad your wife was able to get past her feelings against marijuana in order for you to get relief. So many people forget that a healthy relationship is about sacrificing yourself for the person you love. It’s become the cult of “Me” anymore.

We won’t always agree, but real love can always carry us through the conflicts…


@FloridaSon I would suggest avoiding the surgery for as long as possible if you can get along without it . They keep telling me that I need another and thing have gotten better in medical procedures which is the same thing they told in the 90s when I had my first . @Hogmaster this is my safe unfortunately it all fits in the one safe and I don’t do my own reloads but I would save a lot of money if I did . My tent is just a small 3x3 and one carbon filter covers it so far . Our basement is finished and has carpet and a couch in the room where I keep my tent so I’m worried that if the smell gets into that stuff I will just have to burn it lol .


I would find out how to get my own opium before I would let them cut me. Surgical procedures killed two of my family members due to staph infection.

By the way, nice safe!

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We all need a hobby now I have 2. Growing and collecting

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Well said @FloridaSon my surgery was by choice and did benefit me even with the broken hardware my legs would go numb and fall just walking down the street but I agree with you 100% my new friends you all rock

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Your safe :eyes: looks like mine I love it it’s to much fun @Oldstoner @FloridaSon if you do decide to go under the knife ask your doctor if being tested for MRSA is appropriate it will check to see if you have staff already present in your body I don’t know the circumstances of your family members diabetes heart disease etc. but I would definitely find out before you go under the knife

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No going under the knife for me. My wife and I already have an understanding. The kids don’t really like it, but that’s just the fear of us not being here anymore.