Smell, even with filter

Guys - I’m a complete newb at this. I’m trying to do some research before diving in. I’ve spent hours on this forum and have learned a lot - thank you all in advance for what you do. I appreciate your patience.

I have serious neuropathic pain. I’ve bought some FECO and it has been a God-send. It’s just incredibly expensive and I can’t afford it. In Ohio at the state store they want $95/half gram - I think they are sampling too much of their product. Ohio is not a legal grow-your-own state but FECO is legal. I’ve found some willing to sell compassionately for $20/gram which is a good price but I don’t know if it will last.

I should add I am absolutely terrible at growing things but I can learn. My last garden produced 2 nice cucumbers after I spent about $200. Good cukes but obviously a LOT cheaper if just bought outright.

My first question that I’ve been unable to find in searching here is smell even with a carbon filter. The logical place for my grow tent is in the basement - I can control heat, humudity, etc. Where I want to put it has an unused dryer vent to the outside. But it is right next to my front door. Even with a carbon filter will those with no cannabis exposure (mailman, etc.) be able to smell anything? Otherwise I could vent to the inside. It’s not a secret within the family but I am hoping to not have a strong inside smell either.

Best I’ve found in my ignorance is something like .

Comments, questions, criticisms welcome. Thank you again.


I have 2 tents and 2 carbon filters. The output from the carbon filters has no smell at all. They do a really good job. The room smells a bit when I open a tent door, and the smell permeates to a couple of other rooms when I move the plants. There is otherwise no smell.


I don’t use a filter. Most of my plants are pretty mild in smell. I have 4 girls flowered and 3 of them are in their 4th week and they barely have a smell.

Not all strains have a muted smell to them.


First off, welcome.

In addition to @FlxerPower ‘s points, you don’t necessarily need to vent out of the basement. Due to the stack effect, your house “breathes” on it’s own, providing fresh air with the CO2 required for photosynthesis. Now, you may want to draw fresh air into the basement, but you can probably count on warm air rising out of the basement and venting through your roof.

If you need to lower humidity, raise temperature, or just move air, all that can be accomplished in a closed tent.

If you do vent out a dryer vent, how about planting some really pungent legal plants in the vicinity, just in case?

If you have a black thumb, there are a lot of great books to turn it green. John Jeavons’ How To Grow More Vegetables is a fantastic book on sustainable home gardening. That’ll help your home garden, and undoubtedly you’ll be better prepared to grow cannabis indoors.


Good point. I vent my systems right back into the same room, but external to the tents. It warms the overall room a bit, but my tent temps are still well-managed.

I do have good 10" fans blowing external air into my tent to ensure they are getting good ventilation, some cool air, and plenty of CO2.

Even with the external air blowing in, the filter system still pulls a bit of a vacuum on my tent. It really helps keep the smell isolated to the tent unless I’m in there moving plants around with the tent door open.


Welcome to the forum.

Check out the ILGM guides they will help a lot

Another resource would be grow weed easy dot com.

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Welcome to the community @ @MrNunya basement is a good choice to put tent I have found HLG light Quantum board with the driver driver mounted on the light Puts off a good amount of heat. will keep inside of the tent temperature high 70s. So for winter grow works very well might get a little hot in summer. As far as exhaust fan and carbon filter you almost have to spend a hundred bucks to get a good carbon filter to take care of the odor and exhaust outside. I do recommend 6 inch more capacity to take care of odor. I have tried the cheaper filters waste of money.

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my experience is that when growing and handling cannabis you will always get smell… sooner or later you will have to remove the weed from the ventilated and filtered area. I think non-smelling cannabis grows are an illusion… marketing

(you want to put good smelling air refreshing things in your door area)

PS i found the best way to cover cannabis smell is overlaying it with other smells food or something, filtering the air clean… I dont know. Good luck

PSS the most smelling times will be the harvest and trimming, for me at least… and when I move the plants to the bathroom to shower them