Smell Control; What Garden?


Hello everyone I hope everyone’s day is going great today! I have an easy question hopefully. How do you contain smell for a small setup (growing for personal use/usually only 1-2 plants) as so no one would know your growing cannabis, until someone opened your tent?

I think 2 carbon filters one on each end of a fan should work? Maybe an air purifier in the room as well?

If anyone has any feedback it is much appreciated, thank you and happy growing!:+1::grin::v:


One carbon filter is all you need. Just make sure that you have negative pressure in the tent (sides sucking in when tent is closed). Negative pressure will assure all the air is forced through the filter before exiting the tent.


@Rugar89 Thanks for that bro. So you wouldn’t smell anything coming out of the exhaust? I figured when their full blown flowering you might stink the room that the tent is inside


I never smelled anything in my room with two plants in flower. Now when you unzip the tent, that’s a whole other story! :mask:
You could use two filters, but I didn’t find it necessary. And filters are not cheap. Negative pressure is the key.


To disguise the aroma from hubby when I was drying my harvest in my bathroom I set up an scented oil burner in the middle of the house. Something I don’t normally do BTW. When he asked me about it I said I was trying it to help with sinuses. I used sandalwood/vanilla and he never noticed the white widows :grin:.


@Rugar89 @SmoknGranny

That’s the ticket :point_up:️:+1: when you check your ladies do you turn your exhaust/intake off? Or leave them running?


I leave all fans running the entire grow. I just don’t hook up my filter until its needed just before flower.


Okay thank you @Rugar89 Working is much more of what I expected this week, haven’t been able to set up just yet. Who knows I might not be able to at all soon. I have surgery and I’m also moving. I’ll just be sitting back and “watching” for now


Youve gotten solid information from these growers. Would like to add some strains smell stronger than others. I was shopping around, found a sale, and all set to buy a strain on another seed bank but upon investigation found out while in flower they smell like cat urine. ILGM has a wonderful variety & it all depends on what your type is with different levels of thc.


I use ONA misters and an air purifier that shoots negative ions in the air! It has been working for 1-2 flowering plants. ILGM lowryder and JD purpleryder. Waiting to harvest another ILGM lowryder + NL5. These products should do the trick if you are on a budget!


I also feel like molasses really reduced the smell on my flowering plants towards the end. Maybe it is just my nose! Foliar spraying with ILGM products + neem oil kept the smell on the down low! Neem oil has quite a strong odour to it (cold-pressed).


I agree with Laurap! Choose a low odour strain for example ILGM lowryder! The slight odour in my opinion does not smell like cannabis! Citrusy? I don’t know! But it is pretty low odour compared to the two purple Ryder’s during past harvest!


Thank you for this confirmation! Hubby keeps wanting to turn the fans off from time to time. Humidity jumps EVERY time… hopefully he gets it soon or I’m going to have to put my foot down (again) :wink:


That seems alot for a small grow am using one filter and have no issue i have 3girls on the go.


Thanks for that bro @Mikos


Just some goodies