Smell and ventilation

Can you get away from not using a carbon filter if your not worried about the smell in the house.

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Your still going to be able to smell it 100 feet outside of your house… :grin::+1::wink:


I own 2 acers unless the unwanted Johova witness comes in for the attack which I run off many times I put up No trespassing signs and haven’t seen those boogers anymore .


You still might wanna reduce the reeking so it doesn’t permeate your clothes. You can vent to the outside of your house, or use a carbon filter which isn’t really that expensive. But the only function of the filter is to reduce the smell, so if you don’t care about smell, then have at it.


I totally forgot about everything in your house will smell crazy like bud…
@KeystoneCops has a good point…


@RedEyEs66, like all of the others said, at the very least vent it to the outside, if you are not worried about the smell. I live in a state where it is not legal to grow so, my carbon filter keeps anyone else from knowing my business. I live in the mountains and still have the occasional passer by and I want them to do just that, pass me by:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


I don’t use carbon filter but we do vent our exhaust thru the attic, you can smell where I live from the far away.

Neighbors come by for smoke when they smell something they like

So the short answer to your question is , no you don’t

I just feel like it’s a good idea to use a filter and exhaust outside , there is always a change off electric company people coming on your property County officials tax appraisal, cable TV satellite dish people. And many more that’s just my thoughts the less people that knows what you’re doing the better off you are good luck

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Count me as one of the pro filtering crowd. I very much prefer to keep my business just that…MY BUSINESS! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Definitely. I run filters always and it’s legal here. It’s all about security. It’s not just the law to be worried about. Someone might smell it and try to get there hands on it . Stay safe and happy growing. :v: :seedling:


I have a question. Hopefully this is the right thread for it. Getting ready to start first grow in 4x4 tent. The question is, is anyone using two carbon filters to reduce odor? Meaning one on the intake side and one on the exhaust side. Asking because I’d like to not vent to the outside for security reasons and just vent right back into the room while keeping odors to a minimum. Also is venting back into the room the tent is in an OK thing to do? Thanks.

I vent back to the same room, but external to the tent itself. I currently have a 6" carbon filter in my 5x5. It keeps the smell somewhat isolated, but I personally don’t believe it is sufficient; though I live in a prohibitive state and I have one VERY nosey neighbor. The smell does stay isolated to the spare bedroom where I keep my grow tents and only permeates into other rooms in the house when I open the tent door and particularly if I move the plants.

Running 2 filters off of one blower fan won’t be a good idea because it will overburden your blower fan and reduce it’s effectiveness. You may even damage the blower motor if moving air becomes too hard to pull through 2 filters. Choose a large 6" or even 8" system or even run 2 systems if you really want 2 filters.

I am personally moving my 6" system to my 4x4 tent and putting a new 8" system in my 5x5 flowering tent because I expect it will get really smelly once good sized buds develop.

I had thought about the fan overload also. I’ll be running a 6" inline fan with carbon filter. This is the one I have. I do have the option to vent outside but figured I’d ask. Also considered venting into attic as opposed to a dryer window vent. Thanks for reply.

Using rubber bands wrap some dryer sheets around the filter That way it smells like a laundry mat in your house .