Smell and Taste improvment


Looking to improve smell and taste with an aeroponics set up using LED’s for lighting. Environment is controlled well and feeding CO2. Nutrients are GH 3 part mix with adding some cal mag and during bloom adding Kool bloom. Plants are really healthy and producing excellent weight just need to get better smell and taste. Any tips would be appreciated.


@Donaldj has an awesome aeroponics set up and is a real pro at it .


Floralicious? That’s the one in the GH line. Expensive but you don’t need much.


Yea I have been looking into that. I have to be careful to which nutrients and additives I go with bc of the aero. I run a true high pressure aero so my nozzle size is .024" so I have to have something that breaks down in the reservoir well or ill have plugged nozzles like crazy.


That might fit if you’re using GH products already. It’s rated for it right along side Grow, Micro and Bloom.


GH also has FloraNectar which is specifically designed for added smell and taste.



correct and works well in all hydro units also not overly expensive


Is there any other areas of my system I can improve to get better smell and taste besides adding nutes? (I will try this also though) I have started doing some stress training to hopefully boost terpenoid production and such but mostly where I am getting my info is online not from personal experience. Long story short is I am good at building a system but lack experience in growing so I’m learning that as I go. I just want to make sure that the way I have my system set up that I can produce the high quality but I am looking for. Seems like the high is usually always there and it is really smooth but the smell and taste are lacking.

Little further run down of my system is aeroponics set up with two headers going through a 24" sealed chamber so a spray nozzle coming from each side of the plants roots. Lumigrow pro 650 LED lights. CO2 fed kept around 1500 ppm. Mini split AC which I keep around 80 deg F. 50 gallon reservoir with chillers which are kept below 70 deg F. I use GH 3 part nutrients and add cal mag, and great white during veg and during bloom I add kool bloom. Amounts I have stuck to the recommendations of the manufacturers. PH is kept 5.8-6.0. I change the reservoir every two weeks.


Uv and sugars add greatly to terps which is in essence what flora Nectar is cane sugar :wink: but scent is more about the cure and how you dry your plants as well as environment for example you keep your temp around 80f what is the temp on surface of your plants? a high of 78f is optimum surface temp on kolas this promotes vascular movement without being too hot.
I also find my plants smell best when slow dried and cured not rushed but during grow have far less scent unless disturbed


I will check the surface temp. I will def try some flora nectar. I am at about week 6 now so I will get on it here asap. I will def try a slow drying this round and see how it goes. Do you leave on stem for most the dry time then cut off stem to finish? I have been leaving buds on stem for 2 days then cutting off to finish out. This last round I had such huge buds I was fighting mold in the big buds so I also need to focus on keeping the humidity down at the end of the cycle.


I leave on stem doing a basic wet trim and hang for 5-6 days in space around 65f


It’s your drying and curing that you need to focus on… :wink:
I can tell just by what you’ve said… :wink:
If I were you I would focus on the drying and curing. … more aditives aren’t going to help as much as you think… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


The old paper bag trick works really well. Old school but gets the job done.