SMD LED technology - Quantum Board HLG alternative?

I found this grow light.

Price is excellent and even though not many reviews on this item, the rating is 4.5 stars. So, I ask a question to other buyers and/or to seller. (Below, my question and answers from other buyer and seller)

My Question:
“Is this equivalent as quantum board LED by Samsung? if so, why is it so cheap? (not complaining the low cost, just need to know what i am getting)”

Answer from one of buyer:
Yes it works just as well, and I have no idea there very well made, just as nice as my hlg.

Answer from the seller:
"Both this FL100 led grow light board by Refond LED and quantum board board led by samsung are reliable. Why this is much cheaper?

The reasons:

  1. Samsung led is much more expensive and have better PAR reading. Both samsung led and refond led are well know in LED industry, they have the same level production facilities, just their core materials are different. Samsung is more famous.
  2. Quantum board by samsung led is equipped with Meanwell driver, LF100 grow light board is equipped with standard UL approved driver, both drivers are ul approved and reliable. Meanwell is more famous.
  3. The most important differrent point: the money for one quantum board by samsung led can buy 2 units LF100 grow light boards, BUT the PAR value of one quantum board by samsung led is lower than 2 LF100 grow light boards. Lighting area is smaller than 2 LF100 grow light bards as well.

Generally speaking, both quantum board by samsung led and Lenofocus LF100 led grow light board are reliable and quality. If you want more paybacks on your money spend, Lenofocus Lf100 led grow light board is your perfect choice; if you want famous brands and don’t care money spend, quantum board by samsung led might be your choice."

So, what do you think about this light?

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I’m gonna post some pics from the link to save the next reader time
Price is $80


Will it work? Yes. As far as how well it will work in comparison to the Samsung I couldn’t tell you exactly. For $80 it appears to be ok. Just the meanwell driver is $80. So basically if you buy it and aren’t happy and buy hlg you can try their driver instead of buying another driver by meanwell. I have blurples that put out 120w I bought for 39.99 on Amazon. It’s higher umol than I had expected too.

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I looked into that light some. Just seems to be to good to be true. I want to hear what others have to say.

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What about solar power

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Highest ppfd is only about 500. That’s in the center of the light at 12". You might need 2 to properly flower even a 2x2. Plus, it has 5000k spectrum lights, which I could be wrong, but that’s not typically one of the spectrums weed is grown with.

For just a bit more, can probably get a 135qb kit. That’s perfect for a 2x2.


That’s how I make tea lol
Im all about free light.
@blackthumbbetty is right about hlg. I googled a hlg 135 qb-v2 single board
kit and the price is $200. The driver is dimmable from 60-150w. If you had the extra money to spend I’d order the hlg because I’ve seen the results


Thank you all for input. I don’t know too much about the grow lights as I should and when it comes to different lights (brand or otherwise), I get confused.

I used to write product reviews for the companies selling products at Amazon (from 2013 - 2018). The companies sending me their products at no cost, in return I check things out and write reviews on pros and cons of the item. During that period, I accumulate over 20 LED grow lights from 300watts to 1800 watts. I kept 10 and gave away 10 to friends. Currently, I am using those lights for my grow.

I heard so much of HLG quantum board LED light made by Samsung but price isn’t cheap. A few months ago, I bought one of Samsung’s HLG, price tag was near $800.00. However, I didn’t really see the great results as I expected from $800 light. I wanted to start switching the lights to the latest and the best, one at a time, but if I don’t see a huge difference, there is no reason to spend so much money on lights.

Some growers grow a plant in their closet with minimal equipment and not fussy about what they feed to the plant, yet they can grow nice plants, but someone like me spending a lot of money and energy but just so so results. Maybe it has nothing to do with the equipment and nutrition. It’s all about that ‘green thumb’. :grinning:

I’m no light expert. All I can say is that with a better quality light comes better quality buds. As far as your current HLG, have you harvested with it yet? How’s the bud density and strength?

If you DIY a light with quantum boards they get a bit more affordable.

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Here is par map they advertise at 300 watts

Here is par map from qb 135 at roughly 150ish watts

Seems like clear explanation on why that light is so cheap.


I bought Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 300 V2 LED - 300W 2 Quantum Boards (price came down since I bought it, now it is about $550.00) and using it along with my other LED grow lights. It’s not big, so most of the light from this board shine over 1 - maybe 2 plants.

Anyway, my Critical is finishing now so I am flushing the plant.
The buds are dense, but I didn’t see a significant difference with one under the light vs the other ones under my other LEDs. *** All plants start at the same time from the seeds.

This is the plant between HLG 300 V2 LED - 300W 2 Quantum Boards and my other LED

This is the plant under my other LED
CA Dream

This is the plant under HLG 300 V2 LED - 300W 2 Quantum Boards


Doesn’t seem to be a big difference. I guess you will just have to see going forward. Nice nuggets BTW!

Great work.

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Thanx for all the info but I’m still wondering about if solar power panels would b enough to keep lights strong enough for growing? Anybody Eva done it?

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What solar panels? All depends on Solar panel spec. and light draw.

Just trying to work something out fires down under took all out power prices here in Oz r high spose I’ll have to just grow natural at home til I get cheap enough led lights etc etc just wanna grow man!!!

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PS I can get panels very cheap from a auction house close by

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Awesome. Once you get some numbers we can talk.

Remember that solar panel ratings are under perfect conditions(full sun, no clouds, clean panels, etc.).

Also, the circuitry used to transform the solar energy into useable voltage and current needs to be ultra efficient to maximize the power. I worked for a solar company and realized early on that the panels were 50% of the energy equation.

Thanx for info mate I’ll go gorilla growing I think just have to go full camo etc local forests & NP haven’t been burnt out I put 4 plots in with WW with some 4/5 ft good regulars that I been using before at approx 85 klms from my place & all burnt out in fires down here in Aust east coast should’ve gone local anyway bit silly on my part but still got time to get more WW & start again being on disability pension injury to knee makes it a bit hard on cash & fitness

You mean with off grid solar? You can grow like that, but you would need to do a lot of design work. First you would need to figure out how much power you need to run. Then there should be calculator online that you can type your info into and select region you live in. That should give you rough estimate on what you need for amount of solar energy and batteries.

It’s pretty expensive to do off grid solar. You need to account for low resource times and have standby power on batteries to cover it.

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Farout too much trouble I’ll take chances with the sun