Smart pot cooker for cannabutter


Has anyone tried it. My thinking is it’s a pressurized cooker so it might work. Thinking of getting one and this would definitely be a plus to push me into getting it. For the wife of course :grin:


It works amazingly well!

A link to my method.


I just get a lb of butter melting and add water to it, throw an ounce or better in, let it cook for a couple hours and strain. Works great


A pressure cooker decarbs while extracting. It also keeps in the smell. There’s no need to mix h20 into your carrier liquid.

An instant pot makes the whole process much easier. I absolutely recommend it.


I’ve been considering doing the same with my instant pot, but my cheap portable induction cooktop has a precise temperature setting. Once my pot of oil stabilizes, I can nail 240F as long as I want. I’ve found that decarbing in the oil (as you’re doing) actually makes a more potent oil compared to my toaster oven decarb method.

Another thing you can do with the Instant pot is make a hot water bath using the slow cooker setting, then sit a jar with vegetable glycerin and your decarbed bud into the hot water bath. In my two experiments, I went 24 hours and 36 hours (you have to reset the Instant Pot because the timer hits a max), and they both turned out similarly. They make for a really nice and easy to palate sublingual tincture.