Small yields inconverted closet

That good for the size grow space right?

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I would like to see at least 72 dry from each plant at the least

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It was ok, it was around 303gs wet total but I could have gotten so much more with the other lights.

mine was about 75 total dry. I would have been happy with 75 each dry

That’s what I’m talking bout 75 each

500w at the wall of blurple is good for 10 sq ft of flowering. So, essentially 2.5’x4’. Which is enough for 2 plants. You should be able to achieve 3oz from each plant even with those lights. The least expensive route is to immediately surround a 2.5’x4’ space with reflective material. It’ll keep the light in and not let it scatter about.

A lot of people harvest too early. The final weeks can put on a lot of weight. Don’t go by time flowering alone. Look at the buds, watch the trichomes, and ask for harvesting advice.


I look at trichrome and pistil color with timing us ring a 100x magnifying glass to look when I harvest they are about 75% cloudy so I chop but I keep my eye on them so I can flush in a descent amount of time. I flush a week before harvest

How often do you feed?

Every three days alternating between nite and straight water ph 60

I was just taught this myself from @MattyBear
Coco should be fed At least once a day with nutrients to run off. I was feeding when my pots dried out I’m now feeding everyday and the difference in growth is night and day .You def should upgrade the light though .


There’s your problem.

I did 400 grams on my last indoor plant in Promix. Under 200 watts of light. For 4 1/2 months. Planning on 450 grams on my next one under the same light.


It looks like your SCROG is much smaller than that. How large was the actual canopy that had poor yields?

I think something else, in addition to quality of your lights is causing this. Blue/red diodes will still grow perfectly good flowers if the PAR is adequate.

You can always go with HID lights as an affordable option. They’re really quite effective, and inexpensive to purchase. The electrical consumption will be slightly higher (if you compare lights that cover the same sq ft), but it should be manageable.

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That’s a good idea; especially if heat is not an issue. You have enough light now to veg plants but need more light for flower. You could easily blend two HPS or LEC fixtures into the space.

I’m only using 2 ft of the space til get more lighting

Is that from wall or manufacture rating?

This is because of where your energy was focused, or coverage at reasonable intensity of your light. If it only has to cover a single plant most of it will get decent light intensity. But if you want it to cover something like 4 plants the canopy intensity is way less. This is why we try to size lights to growing area instead of plant count.

I think you’ll do significantly better with proper lighting.


I maybe wrong but if you are harvesting at 75% cloudy you are losing a lot of growth. Buds really put density on coming at end of cycle. Should be nearly, if not 100% cloudy


Cut your growing area down to a 4x3 now. You should have enough lighting to get decent buds in that space. I just pulled 6oz of top shelf and another 1.5oz if fluff in a 2x3 scrog under a 315w cmh. First time scrog though. Next should be better

This would be the simplest answer and you can grow POUNDS with 3 plants.

I have D.I.Y. lights I built with DBRN’s help a couple of years ago. I run them at 100 watts per panel to veg, ramp up at the end of veg to around 200 watts per panel and run em out. I grow one plant under each one. Peak is actually 240 but I don’t need it: rock hard buds and great yields.