Small Yellowing spots on leaves. Is it rust? How to fix?

Only on a couple leafs. Should I be concerned? How do I fix this problem? Thanks

Don’t worry about it. I dont think that’s rust. Just watch it, as long as it doesn’t take over the leaves. Your leaves don’t have to look perfect, just make sure it’s not spreading.

They must look perfect! Lol. Thanks. You can’t really see anything unless u get close to the plant but I wanted to catch early if it is something. The last two pics are the same leaf from top and bottom.

I know how u feel. Spots early on can be nerve racking. Did u feed it anything ? Its young still

I had similar issue and it never really went away but didn’t get worse. I did pay close attention to PH levels and using FoxFarm nutes I did about 1/2 recommended dilution. My grow is turning out good and am learning as I go. Good luck with your grow !

I did when they were real young which was a mistake. One died. I thought I underfertilized the medium so I thought I had to top dress right away.

I’m not an expert, but what I’ve learned is less is better. All of these sites and pieces of advice having u adding everythibg from calmag to molasses syrup. Step by step guides on enriching your plant with nutes. Then they tell you that you need to flush lol. Then if you have problems then you are scrambling to add something else.
Less is better and most times I use a fraction of recommended doses like @BuzzCut2030 said.
It’s easier to add nutes then to take away. Same goes for water and anything else you apply. Easier to fix an underwatering issue then an overwatering one…which is the case for almost all plants

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Hit the nail on the head with that one. I’ve learned that after 3 weeks of growing. That’s why I under fertilized. Then I did too much thinking and got over anxious thinking they need something lol. Just first time growing and super excited. Keep checking on them way too much also :joy:

Thanks good luck to u too sir.

Keep checking on them, even more often. Just leave them alone, although it can be hard.


That’s a weird looking jumping spider btw

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Lol, there are hundreds of variations of the jumping spider. That’s usually how they look when they are babies, still molting. The female who was in my plant for nearly two months must have laid eggs. I havnt seen her since I seen a few of these little ones show up. I’m blown, because I was trying to get the female large spider to get comfortable with me. She jumped on my hand multiple times and then jumped back on the plant as if she was "testing the waters with me.
Here’s how that same baby spider looks after a few weeks of growth, or at least I think it’s the same one. They are smart, when I tend to the plants they turn and watch my every move.

Yes we used to catch em and feed them growing up. It’s the only kind of spider I like and trust not to bite. The rest must perish lol

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Lol. I like all spiders, I used to have arachnophobia growing up, but then I got bit by multiple spiders over the years and learned to understand them. They are attracted to me for some reason, when I tell you I have been bitten alot by them, I’m not exaggerating.
Btw, jumping spiders bite too! They are just smarter and know when to reserve their bite. But if they get nervous they will bite lol

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do you grow inside or outside? if inside make sure the led grow light is not too close to her :slight_smile:

PS:add some nutrients if possible.

Good luck!

Indoor. 3 weeks old

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Love it! Thankfully spiders aren’t the ones attracted to me but birds are. They’ll just land on me and unfortunately it’s usually when I don’t expect it so I flinch and they take off. I have two parakeets and strangely they are really shy of me but I can pet the outside, wild birds.


That is crazy. I was smoking a joint of rosetta stoned and looking at your bird pic with a friend lol!
I have birds in my garden that are used to me, seen some families grow even. But none of them, even the brave finches allow me to touch them. The closest I get is to this golden finch which sits near me, I think it’s a baby that I found fallen out of it’s nest last season, and I picked him up, fed him and climbed into his tree to place into his nest as his mother harassed me! Or maybe it’s just a random brave bird, but I like to romanticise things, knaw mean! Lol
Btw rosetta stoned is one of my favorite strains, lord does it kick.

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Yeah it’s pretty wild. Had this beauty land on my head while I was power washing the patio.

But with all things; you have to take the good with the bad. You got those little sweet angels then you have this demon bird that wouldn’t let me out of my vehicle. He would attack if I attempted to get out.


Hahahaha. That bird looks mean! Gangster bird patrolling the lot!
Trust me, I know about these crooked criminal birds. They roll in pairs and in groups and sometimes a solo hit man assassin type. During the spring summer I have a large vegetable garden with minimum 250 plants every year. And I have to deploy all sorts of defense strategies to keep them from my gogi berries to my tomatoes. Thankfully they don’t like csnnibus, but if you do have seeds in your buds in an outdoor grow, they may be the first to let you know.
But I still have never ran into this demon thug u have perched on your car. Shi is funny! There has to be a reason they are attracted to you.