Small WWA after 7 weeks

This is my second grow. The first one went well with plants at least 4 feet tall. I documented everything I did and I’m following the exact same regimen with this one but after 7 weeks, it is only 16" tall but very full and I think it is starting to flower. What did I do wrong?

Sometimes… they are just runts. Autos can be fickle to any number of things.

Too late to transplant
Too much light
Too little light
Watering too often
Not watering enough

Then like I said. Some are just runts. Regardless u cant treat them all the same (regardless of if they have identical genes) got any photos?


Here are some pics.


She doesnt look bad at all. Sometimes autos get huge like @Agrestic NL phauto… sometimes u get 15 grams off it like my berry bomb auto. Just happens


Yep with autos you never know, this one started flower at 2 weeks and grew tall even with light a few inches away, but other is a bush! Might get 1/2 oz from skinny mini, 1 1/2 oz to 2 oz from bushy one 4 weeks old and just starting to flower.

I have an amnesia haze that is over 5’ 6" (though … at this point, is it an auto?) and my NL is a runt and was always wispy and anemic looking. but she continued to really grow and fatten up more than i would have expected during flower. she’s also finishing pretty early, too. which is good because… BUD ROT. :cry::sob::cry::sob:

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Looks like good bud, so that’s good. Autos are a crap shoot, some good, some bad. Photos are more dependable for good yields.

Nooooo… I’m in desert no humidity

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i swear after my first grow here that’s all i’m dreaming of. i want the desert!

Thunderstorms here are plant killer for outdoor, bad wind and hail… I’m in a closet but can’t get above 40%

crazy opposite. we get wind and hail here too and i’ve gotten them under shelter for every single drop. not ONE DROP has hit these plants in three months. and yet…

you have a humidifier though ya? fairly easy fix?

Photos do well, some good results so have just rolled with it. Since became legal I grow two photos and one auto in a 2 x 5 x 5 using 2 300w mars hydro led pannels. Auto gets done just in time for photos need more room. I’m a old guy who figured out can’t afford to by weed and found a way lol… Not all auto worked out but other do well…

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i never planned on getting a tent so i went auto heavy on the seeds. didn’t take long for me to be a full photo convert with all the gear so now am kicking myself i have all these auto seeds. still, i have some fun strains that don’t seem to be available in photo so i’ll still enjoy growing them. as long as they don’t get to be 5 feet tall and mess everything up again.

I started on another seed bank, and have some autos that grow junk weed. I got good results from white widow derivatives autos but am throwing away some seeds… learning as I go. Holler at ya later gotta run

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Wondering the same thing, are these auto’s worth it?


Autos have their places in everyone’s seed stash. If ur tight on space or time. Or u have an extra corner in ur tent that needs foliage. Heck even for multiple outdoor yearly harvests or an indoor grow without safe ‘dark periods’. Id recommend them. But if u grow a photo from seed on 12-12, its basically the same thing minus ruderalis genetics.


All the auto weed me and my friends grew here got different results with a few strains, two gave nice dense colas and good yield, a few others we had strange flower type buds that even though strange harvest it gets you high. When you don’t have good colas it dries quickly and makes for harsh smoke, and don’t store well. I know pretty much what I will get from photos so I blame the weird trates Ruderalis gene. Some say light,etc. Could be almost any numerous causes for the few plants my friends and I have tried. But ??? Yes I do like a couple of these and they have a space in my closet

these are autos in there now, one won’t yield a lot cuz it stretched while in growth cycle, started flower at 2 weeks! Other will be good ww bud I get from that strain lol

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There definitely is a difference from plant to plant. I’m still learning and have only grown WWA,s while learning.

My first two under lights produced 8 oz of dry, cured bud. One moved outside gave me only two ounces of bud.

I have two hanging now I grew outdoors and one got over five feet tall but the buds are less dense and the other in the same location only got a little over 3 feet, but has denser bud.

I have on in flower in the grow closet now that looks nothing like the first two I did under lights. It looks like yours do now. I did it all the same, but still the first two produced far more bud and stretched a lot less.

Fabric pots may increase your size and yield. My wife experimented with veggies in them vs normal pots and the results were much better in the fabric pots.

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Size has nothing to do with a plant being an auto. That big girl is still an auto, even if she grows to 30ft tall.

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i dunno. she’s showing signs of revegging over and over. i was able to get her in more darkness and she got close to forming buttons, and then my neighbor decided to get a brand spankin new security light on the side of his house which lit my girl up like she was on stage. no more buttons.

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