Small White Widow Closet Grow with CFL

Started a two plant White Widow grow after the Auto Blueberry failed. Used the Blueberry soil as the Autos were only in there for four weeks and never really got a good system of roots. The Widow sisters are residing in a bedroom closet under three 100 watt 6500K CFL lights actual draw 43 watts per light. Not room for my LED in the closet. I am in no particular hurry on this grow as I decided to go back to basics and see what happens.

They are three weeks old and look healthier than all the other grows so far. Their leaves are the darkest green I have seen yet and they look like they are really healthy. I have only given them 6.5 pH water and no nutes yet. I am going to let them veg for another three or four weeks and them switch them to four 100watt 2700K CFL lights and let 'em rock ! I may give them a very light dose of 10-10-10 at five weeks of veg and see how they react. If all goes well, stronger veg food the following week and the next week start a small amt of flowering food to get 'em started while backing off the veg food. The next week I plan on minimal veg food and a little more flowering food.

I am really amazed at the growth on these ladies. Gotta go now, the Dallas Stars are playing Colorado tonight.

Will add more later and periodic updates with pictures.

Good idea to allow plants to grow without nutrients until it is necessary to introduce a nutrient schedule.

How are you planning to ad Potassium after bloom period begins?

Was planning to use my bloom food, MorBloom (Alaska) 0-10-10 and a 1/2 dose of Micro that is 5-0-1. I have read that a little nitrogen during bloom is still needed. Also adding in some Big-Up (Humboldt) 0-33-23 in the last two weeks of fertilizer then two weeks of pH water @ 6.4 for finish. If the plants show signs of K+ deficiency, I have some Duce-Duce 0-0-22 before the last three weeks but don’t anticipate I will need it. Comments?

That sounds interesting. OK. I can go with the 0-10-10 and micro. I would also use the Big-Up (Humboldt) 0-33-23 in ther 1st 2 weeks of flower. You do not want to give your plants that much Phosphorous at the end of the grow. It is for root mass, and should be used in early bloom. In the 3rd or 4th week add the Duce-Duce 0-0-22. This is for sweetening the buds and bringing out the oils.

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Great ! Thanks for the input.
I had to go to a more protected space for my grow and want to get the best out of the small area. The cabinet I made for growing is 39" tall, 20" wide and 16"deep. I will publish pictures as soon as possible. I just got out of the hosp and hope to finish it soon. My WW ladies are vegging patiently in the closet but I need to enclose them when they flower. The smell will be a problem. I am also considering adding a little Humboldt honey at the end to add a little more taste to it.


Just let me know if you have any questions going forward.

Sorry for the poor view on this pic, gives you some idea though.
UPDATE: Day 30 from germination. Not the fast growth I get with my LED but not bad for 3 - 23 watt CFL bulbs. I have had no problems with Nutes yet (only two doses so far) but the growth has never been this green and full. This grow is going well to date.
Am building a 49" x 20" x 16" grow box for my closet that is almost finished and just in time. My ladies are starting to make a slightly detectable odor. Gotta get going on it today.

My ladies are doing pretty well if I must say so myself. Growing out vs up as I topped the mains trying to get eight main cola’s. My grow box for the closet is getting done and I am waiting for the paint to age a little (and dry too) ! We are getting flooded out again in TX. I think our rain dances we did are all getting answered at the same time. Going to hold nutes again and stay with pH’d water until I get the grow box done. Will post a pic when done.
Ya’ll take care and stay dry.


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MacGuyverstoner and Latewood. I have a question for you that likely doesn’t come up too often. Should I let my grow box air out for a while before putting the plants in. I am going to finish the final coat inside today. Thanks for your input


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I’d have to say yes, you need all the “coat” to totally dry and not be expelling any VOC any more. Even water based paint will put out fumes and VOC for quite a bit.


Thought so ! Appreciate the input.


Looking good there Tex man.
Item copping this tread for future reference.
Keep up the good work.
Hey Tex…I’ll be here all day so if you want give me a shout.


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Update: Day 38 Started 12/12 flowering cycle. Fed 500ml water with 0-10-10 and 0-33-23. am now in my home made grow box that fits nicely in my closet. Will send picture when time allows. Have one question that is bothering me. I put 1/2 tsp of 0-10-10 and 1/4 tsp of 0-33-23 and my pH came out perfect with no adjustment needed. My PPM was only 278 though. Does that mean I do not have enough food in it for the plants or what? I am not too familiar with the workings of ppm and was wondering if that would be a problem. I have been easy on the food this time around and the plants are looking good. Maybe Latewood or MacGuyver can give me some input. Thanks.

I’m not sure the feeding schedule, but keep in mind, the TDS at the roots will be different, and things build up. Run-off TDS in soil can get quite high without necessarily burning your plant, and the feeding TDS that goes in the top of the soil doesn’t necessarily need to be that high, especially if you are not employing drain to waste and 30-40% run-off, to flush excess nutrients at the same time as you feed the plant. Most people watch the plant, the color of the leaves, and adjust if necessary.


My ladies are definitely giving off “The Scent of a Woman” Hoo Yea ! The grow box is doing the job pretty well, no smell from it and they are starting to bloom like crazy. Miss my LED but think I am doing well with the CFL’s. I have a three bulb rack with a 250 watt equiv (68 watts) 2700K CFL in the middle, a CFL (23 watts) with 5000K on the one side and a 38 watt LED on the other side. I decided to stay with the 5000K CFL to keep a more complete spectrum of light. Seems to be doing well so far. Went to watering / feeding schedule of nutes every three feedings (3-4 days) with pH water at 6.3 in between as needed. Am giving enough fluid to have run off of approx 200-300 ml every time I give anything. They seem to like it a lot. As MacG advised I am watching the plants and they seem to say I am doing better than all my other grows so far !

Am pretty short on cash or I would get one of the “UFO” type LED lights. Maybe next grow. I believe these Widows are going to make me pretty happy in about 8 weeks or so. Maybe a Merry Christmas present to myself ! !

Hope everyone is doing well.


Hello there Tex, how the hell are ya?

Sounds like your getting this down. Did you keep a journal?
I’m changing and re-do my grows… I other words I’m down sizing. I’m going to do 6 plants instead of 20

B Safe

Not going so well, had a little scare last week. Will call you to talk about it in private, a little too public here.


Ok Jerry talk to ya in a bit…later


Update for 11/06/15 Here is my self made Grow Box that I call “The Doc Box”. It is 49X 20x16 with a 4" charcoal filter and a 4" fan attached to it. It has a total of 7 2 1/8" holes for feeding the fan and filter on the bottom half of the box. Inside are my two Widows that are in about day 40 from germination. Have been in flower for just over a week I believe, and are doing pretty well. Look kind of yellow from the lights but are doing fine.

Have been on flowering nutes for over a week and am happy with the progress.

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Hey Tex,

look’s like you’ve been busy. I’m impressed!
Your ladies look awesome keep up the good work and keep us posted. And go and checkout my main lining update.

B Safe Brother