Small Trees Solo Cup Extravaganza

Hello everyone!! After a 3 month disappearing act im back to say HI :wave:

So grow is the same
2 tents, 2x2x3 and 2x2x5
2 hlg 135 rspec
Coco perlite mix 70/30
Dakine nutrients

12 total beans dropped, 6 Blueberry 6 bubblegum all going into 16oz clear solo cups set inside 18oz white foam cups for a small air chamber to trim roots.

Seeds germination started last night now just waiting to tails.

There will be some culling and killing along the way but eh thats the fun part.

I hope everyone enjoys this micro grow.


2x2x3 almost ready gotta wash it out and get the fans on, and humidifier in the tent, rh and temp meter need to be put in

Today and tomorrow will be test days to get the climate under control.

On to the next one.

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Whoop whoop :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4:

Almost time to cull a few and start another 12

Got lazy af and never set up the 2x2x5

Still need to unpack the 4x4x6

I have alot I need to get around to doing :weary:

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